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10 Automated Emails All Lingerie Store Owners Should Be Sending

Want to fuel lead generation, boost conversion rates, enhance the visibility of your lingerie store and stay ever-connected to your customers?

It sounds like a lofty set of goals, but in fact, automated email marketing can help you to accomplish all of those objectives.

Keeping up with emails to your customers can be an overwhelming task, but implementing automated messages can save you a lot of time — a valuable commodity when you’re running a small business.

What’s more, according to the Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages boast an average of 70.5 percent higher open rates and 152 percent higher click rates. Did we mention that the average return on investment for email marketing is a whopping $44.25 for every dollar spent?

While building our your automated email campaigns, make sure to include these ten key messages in your arsenal.


1.  Newsletter subscription thank you

It goes without saying that a simple thanks can go a long way — so be sure to send an email that shows your appreciation when someone subscribes to your e-newsletter. It shows you value your subscribers’ interest, and making a solid first impression with them is critical to building loyalty.

This particular email also presents a stellar opportunity to reinforce the perks of being a subscriber. So in your thank you, consider including a short list of what they can expect in their newsletter, whether it’s invitations to in-store events, exclusive coupon codes, early notifications about sales or lingerie style tips.

You can also show your appreciation for their subscription with a special offer, such as free shipping or a certain percentage off their first order.


2.  Purchase follow-up email

It’s important to circle back with a customer after they make a purchase to say something to the effect of "It’s been six months since your visit. Are you ready for new bras?" Or, alternatively, you might follow up in the same time frame to say: “We hope you’re enjoying the hipster panties, did you see the new colors we have in stock?”

This email just helps ensure that your store remains at the top of the customer’s mind so that whenever they are inspired to add some unmentionables to their collection, your store is the first they think of.


3.  Customer experience poll

Don’t forget to ask your customers one simple question: "How Did We Do?"

Offering customers a chance to rate the customer service as well as the shopping experience from browsing to purchase demonstrates that their feedback is important to you. Furthermore, it allows you to collect valuable information about any potential issues, which you can then address before they become problematic and affect your business.

For example, a customer may run into a site glitch that makes checking out difficult, or they may feel like a question was never resolved by support. These are things you’ll definitely want to know.

Moreover, it’s just as valuable to gather any positive feedback customers have so you’re more aware of what your store is doing right (and can keep doing it!).


4.  Fitting appointment confirmation

Speaking of bra fitting reminder emails, you should also send a confirmation out again one day prior to the actual appointment date. Especially if a customer books their fitting weeks or more in advance, they’ll appreciate a quick email to prevent them forgetting as the appointment draws near.

Alert them with a simple message to let them know: "Your bra fitting is tomorrow," and again, include details such as the store address, a link to Google maps, and some notes about what to bring and what to expect.


5.  Fitting appointment reminder

Providing customers with the option to book fitting appointments is a great strategy. It gives them an incentive to stop by your store, and it also ensures that they don’t end up having to wait around for an associate to perform the fitting.

After they book one, you’ll surely want to send an email to remind them, stating: "Your appointment is confirmed for [date],” with helpful info such as the store’s address, a link to Google Maps, and some notes about what to expect during the fitting.

You may even want to include some images and links to some new arrivals, as this will instill some inspiration for what to look for when they come in for their fitting.


6.  Subscription settings check-in

It’s worth it to hone in on customers who haven’t opened your emails in a while so you can determine the reason for their disengagement as well as present an opportunity for them to update their subscription preferences.

Did you know that if a large percentage of your email database isn’t active, there’s a higher chance you’ll end up in the Gmail promotions tab or the SPAM folder?

That’s why it’s crucial to get to the bottom of why your customers may be tuning out. Send a simple note to say “We miss you,” including a special discount or another offer as an incentive to win them back.

Additionally, provide a link for them to change their subscription settings, such as the frequency or type of emails they’re receiving.


7.  Abandoned cart reminder

Here’s a startling statistic: Studies show that a staggering 67 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a purchase. That doesn’t mean you’re powerless in this scenario, however. A simple reminder of the stunning lingerie your customer has left behind can go a long way in inspiring them to go ahead and follow through with a purchase.

In fact, after sending emails about cart abandonment, one U.S. apparel/footwear retailer recovered 12 percent of lost sales.

An envelope printing company, meanwhile, introduced a campaign with three separate emails tailored to different types of abandoners and was able to cut cart abandonment by a notable 40 percent.

Including an image of the product(s) the customer left behind as well as some key details about those items may be the inspiration they need to finally take the plunge and purchase.


8.  Sale alert

Letting your customers know about special sales and promotions should definitely be a component of your automated email strategy. The likelihood that they are checking the site regularly enough to notice these sales is slim, and if they’re alerted that a particular demi-cup bra or pair of boyshort panties they’ve been keeping an eye on were just marked down, that might be just the motivation they needed to go ahead and add it to their carts.

If it’s a particularly significant sale (like a bi-annual or annual one) you may want to send an email the morning it launches, as well as a reminder on the last day of the sale so customers are aware that time is running out to take advantage of these prices.


9.  Rewards points update

If you have a customer rewards program (and we recommend that you do), be sure to check-in with emails updating them on the points they’ve accumulated. Let customers know their balance, if they have enough points to redeem for a reward, details on any new rewards that are available, and also whether their rewards are expiring soon or at any point.


10.  Thank you for a purchase email

Consider this: thank you emails generate 13x more revenue than any other promotional messages. Show your customers a little love by saying thanks after they buy any of your products (particularly on the first purchase). You can also use this email to make product suggestions, including links to items that are typically purchased with the one they bought (such as the matching panty to a bra) or top sellers in the same category.



If you’re looking to forge lasting relationships with your customers, staying in touch is crucial to showing them you care. And with these 10 automated emails, you’re sure to make customers feel appreciated, and moreover, keep them coming back for more.


Do you currently send any of these emails? We'd love to hear how they're working for you!

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