10 Content Ideas for Your Lingerie Store’s Instagram Stories

Your Instagram Stories aren't just for showing your lingerie store is open each day.

You want to strategically use your stories to promote your content and breathe life into your store. Remember, people don’t connect with companies – they connect with people. You can use lingerie business’s Instagram Stories to bring personality to your Instagram account. This makes your lingerie store not just another brand, but a brand ran by people whom others find relatable. And, that’s the kind of lingerie account people want to follow!

Not sure what to post in your Instagram stories? Here are 10 Instagram story content ideas for lingerie store owners:


1.  Show behind-the-scenes shots.

Customers love seeing behind-the-scenes (BTS) action. From styling lingerie to opening new shipments, let your followers see what takes place behind the Instagram.


2.  Use the "poll" feature.

The poll tool within Instagram Stories is a somewhat new feature. It lets you ask a question and create two answers for viewers to choose from. You could ask questions to gauge your audience’s knowledge of the industry or ask if they like your new arrival. You could even do a poll to see what type of promotion your lingerie business’s customers would love. The poll feature is a fun way to get your lingerie store’s customers interacting with your content.


3.  Feature employees.

Lingerie store owners aren’t the only face people see in the store. So, featuring employees on your Instagram Stories lets customers put more faces to your lingerie store.


4.  Show a day in the life of a lingerie store owner.

Many people don’t know what it’s like being a small business owner. Give your viewers a taste of what it’s like being a lingerie store owner within your Instagram Stories.


5.  Promote recent Instagram posts. 

Did you post some valuable content in your latest Instagram post? Promote it with your Instagram story! I see some people promoting any recent post via their stories, and I’m not a fan of this. But, if you just announced a new promotion or product on Instagram, that’s worth sharing in a story. You could screenshot your feed, then place a graphic over the latest post to tease it.


6.  Do lingerie Q&As.

Lingerie Q&As are a great idea for your lingerie business’s Instagram Stories. Share your industry insight, and you’re providing value to your followers.


7.  Feature new products and arrivals.

Lingerie store owners, of course, want to show off new pieces and arrivals in Instagram Stories. Show items on hangers, mannequins, in a flatlay – get creative!


8.  Offer inspiration and empowerment.

You want to inspire your followers to feel beautiful and empowered. So, offer quotes or words of encouragement via your stories.


9.  Promote current specials.

Lingerie store owners should promote specials throughout the duration of a promotion. As long as you’re mixing in other types of content in your stories, you won’t seem overly promotional.


10.  Feature your customer’s content.

Did a customer post a great photo featuring your lingerie store? Screenshot it, post it in your story and tag them! (Of course, you’ll want to get their permission first.) This is an easy way to source content, and it shows your followers how much your customers love your store.



Instagram Stories are a creative way to get your lingerie store in front of your customers more often. Remember that your stories are an extension of your brand, just like your Instagram. You can use the various graphics built into Instagram Stories to make stories a little more fun. And, you can use videos and gifs to make your Instagram Stories more dimensional. Just make sure whatever you’re posting aligns with your brand.


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