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10 Email Marketing Statistics All Lingerie Store Owners Should Know

Many retailers and businesses say email marketing provides the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Of course, the strategy that warrants that ROI wasn’t created overnight. It takes time to optimize each part of the email strategy to get this result. Wondering if adjusting your email marketing strategy is worth your lingerie store’s time and effort?

Here are 10 inspiring email stats that will make you want to give your strategy another look.


1.  Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than promotional emails.

Welcome emails are extremely effective. In fact, welcome emails produce 320% more revenue than promotional emails. But, it’s not because the welcome email says, “Thanks for joining our community, use this coupon.” Instead, welcome emails are strategically crafted to introduce the user to your lingerie business and subtly guide the user towards a buying decision.


2.  81% of B2C businesses use welcome emails.

Knowing that welcome emails are valuable is no secret. About 81% of B2C businesses (that’s your lingerie store!) use welcome emails. So, your email marketing strategy needs improvement if you’re not sending users a welcome email or a welcome email series.


3.  Email subscribers are 3X as likely to share content on social media.

Thinking that email marketing does nothing for you lingerie business in terms of exposure? Well, Lingerie store owners’ email marketing efforts could be warranting more exposure than anticipated. Email subscribers are 3X as likely to socially share content than users on other channels.


4.  80% of retailers say email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

A customer is likely to buy from your lingerie store again once they make an initial purchase. And, 80% of retailers say email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Why? Likely because emails can be highly personable, influential and delivered directly to recipients.


5.  77% of consumers prefer promotional emails over other forms of communication.

Consumers prefer to communicate with your lingerie business via email. In fact, 77% of consumers prefer promotional emails over promotional text messages, direct mail, phone calls or other forms of promotional contact.


6.  Email notifications about abandoned carts have a 45% open rate.

Cart abandonment accounts for many lost sales for lingerie stores. However, did you know that email notifications about abandoned carts have a 45% open rate? It’s certainly worth the time to set up an automated email to users that have an abandoned cart.


7.  Email clickthrough rate decreases as photos increase.

It can be tempting to include graphics and photos in emails for visual content. However, it’s been found that your lingerie business’s clickthrough rate (CTR) will decrease as the number of photos increase.


8.  48% of emails are opened on a smartphone.

Today’s consumers read emails while they’re on the go. Almost half (48%) of consumers open emails on a smartphone. This is one of the reasons why lingerie store owners want to keep photos and graphics to a minimum. The email content needs to be captivating and to the point to capture the reader’s attention.


9.  Almost half (47%) of marketers test alternate subject lines for performance.

Even the most experienced marketers must test their strategies. Almost half (47%) of marketers say they test alternate subject lines for optimal performance.


10.  78% of consumers have unsubscribed due to receiving too many promotional emails.

It’s a good idea to include non-promotional email content in your lingerie business’s email marketing strategy. When asked, 78% of consumers said they’ve unsubscribed from emails because the brand was sending too many promotional emails.



Feeling motivated to give your email marketing strategy a boost now? We thought you might be! Remember, every strategy has room for improvement, and improvements can take time to test and implement. 

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