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10 Signs Your Lingerie Store Needs To Improve Its Email Strategy

Your email marketing list serves as a direct path into your customers’ lives.

As such, I often hear business owners say email is their preferred (and most successful) platform for communicating with their audiences. (Even over social media.) The reasoning behind this statement is usually because it’s 100 percent their own. For example, if social media and your website were to break, you’d still be able to communicate with customers through your list.

So, it’s no surprise why building an email list is a priority for lingerie store owners. The key to building a better email list is knowing how to improve your current email strategy.

Here are 10 signs that your lingerie store needs to improve its email marketing strategy:


1.  You’re not sending a welcome email.

Welcome emails are essential for new subscribers. (Because you don’t want the initial email to be a promotional email.) These emails introduce new users to your community and help them understand how your lingerie business will serve them.


2.  New subscribers aren't added to a sequence after signing up.

Sending a welcome email to new subscribers is a great strategy. However, you can also add a new subscriber to an automated email sequence when she opts in. The email sequence is strategic messaging that primes her for your sell. It also provides a more in-depth look at how your lingerie store will serve her.


3.  You're only sending promotional email content.

It’s important to send non-promotional email content to your subscribers. Sending only promotional, salesy emails can cost your lingerie business its credibility. 


4.  There’s no option to join the mailing list on your website.

There should be a clearly visible option to join your mailing list on your website. Whether it’s a form in your sidebar, a pop-up or both – new and returning visitors should be invited to join your lingerie store’s email list.


5.  You’re not asking in-store customers if they’d like to be on your list.

Don’t be afraid to ask in-store customers for their email addresses. If a customer doesn’t want to join, she’ll say so. But not giving customers the option in your lingerie store could hinder your email list’s growth.


6.  You rarely send emails to your email subscribers.

A good email marketing strategy takes consistency, so it’s important to email your subscribers regularly. Your email subscribers are less likely to open your lingerie store’s email if you only send emails once a quarter.


7.  The unsubscribe rate is high. 

A high unsubscribe rate implies that your email content isn’t serving your audience. Lingerie store owners should pay attention to this email marketing metric to learn what’s resonating and what’s not.


8.  Your emails aren’t being opened. 

Your message isn’t being conveyed if email subscribers aren’t opening your emails. Play around with different subject lines and A/B test to see what yields the best results for your lingerie business.


9.  Your email list isn’t steadily growing.

A lingerie business’s email list should grow steadily. It doesn’t have to be rapidly, but there should be growth. Revisit your email strategy if your email list’s growth plateaus.


10.  The links in the emails aren’t being clicked. 

It’s important that email subscribers are clicking on the links in your lingerie business’s emails. These links give your email purpose, directing users to a new collection, a promotion, etc. Consider what’s deterring viewers from engaging with the email content if links aren’t being clicked.



A good email strategy involves more than sending regular emails to your email subscribers. If that’s all you’re doing, you’re not taking full advantage of your email marketing list. Take time to improve your email strategy -  and remember, that even the best strategies leave room for improvement.

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