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10 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Stories

Looking for a way to boost your lingerie store’s presence on Instagram?

You may already be using the Story feature of the social platform, but are you getting the results you want? Believe it or not, there are many small things you can do which will help boost this part of your social strategy.

Here are just ten ways to take things to the next level:


1.  Go ‘behind the scenes’ in your store

Want your customers to relate to your business? As an indie store owner, you need shoppers to buy into your brand. One thing that you can do is go ‘behind the scenes’ in your store. Show your audience the inner workings of your company. Doing so will help them understand your business and see the human side of it.


2.  Use layouts to make images

Do your Instagram Story snaps look as professional as you’d like? If the answer is no, there’s one small change that you should make. Rather than taking a photo and sharing it right away, do a little editing first. Certain third-party apps, such as Unfold and Over, can help you to make beautiful images for your account. It may take you a little while to grasp how to use these apps but it’s worth it.


3.  Add your location every time

Adding the location of your store is a baseline requirement when you’re uploading pictures to the Instagram Story feature. If you’re not doing this right now, you need to get into the habit of it right away. Make sure that you tag your store in each and every post.


4.  Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags can be your best friend or your worst enemy. On the one hand, you don’t want to overdo it with meaningless, overused hashtags. It’s not worth it. However, if you’re not tagging your posts at all, that’s a real issue. Before you share something on Instagram Story, take a moment to consider whether there’s a hashtag that fits. If there is, use it. (Tip: You can also Google some hashtags in your local area to see what people are using!)


5.  Tag other brands and makers

Your lingerie store is not an island! You get things from suppliers, work with brands, and should be promoting other small businesses. When it comes to your Instagram, you need to reflect all of the above. Don’t be afraid to tag other brands and makers in your pictures. You might find that doing so gains you a larger following and helps promote the businesses that are around you as well. It’s a win-win situation.


6.  Offer valuable information

What does your Instagram Story feature offer people? When a user clicks on it, what do they get? You should ensure that you’re offering valuable information to your audience. For example, you could use this feature to share quick and simple tips about getting new bras or fittings. The more you offer, the more you get in return.


7.  Have an Instagram takeover

Influencers can do wonders for your business. If you already work with a person who has a large following online, you may want to consider an Instagram takeover. You give the influencer control of your account for 24 hours and they put original content out there. This tactic is an excellent way of building up your following and giving your audience something new at the same time. Easy!


8.  Don’t push products too heavily

Are you always pushing products on your audience? You should not be advertising too heavily on your Instagram Story feature. While you can directly promote your products here, doing so all of the time is certain to turn people off. Your audience is following you because they already like the lingerie you have on offer. You don’t need to sell to them. Instead, think of your account as a place to share information with them.


9.  Add some music to the mix

Do you add music to your Instagram Story pictures? Perhaps you should. If you’re recording something in the store, think about the background sounds. Putting some upbeat music on in the background could be just the thing to give your video that creative edge. It’s these small yet important details that all too many people out there overlook. Set yourself ahead of the crowd with this smart idea.


10.  Speak your mind!

In the last year, there’s been a real trend emerging of influencers talking directly to their audience. Take inspiration from this fashion and try it for yourself. You can record a short (one minute or less!) video of you speaking directly to the camera. Make sure that you have something interesting to say. You could tell your audience about an in-store sale or show off the latest lines you have in. It’s a great personal touch!

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