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11 SEO Tips & Tricks To Use On Your Online Lingerie Store

A fantastic lingerie store website can do wonders for your sales and reputation.

When you nail this part of your marketing, you will find that the return it gives you is massive. However, there’s one thing standing in your way – SEO. While it may seem like black magic, getting this aspect of your site right is the key to your success.

Here are some simple tips and trick to help you along the way:


1.  Learn how to research keywords

The last thing you want to do is simply pull keywords out of thin air. Choosing the right words and terms is a tricky game. If you already have a Google Ads accounts, one tool that you may wish to use is Google Keyword Planner. However, there are free options out there as well. For example, Ubersuggest is a service that allows you to search some of the latest keywords and associated terms without paying for the privilege.


2.  Boost your local ranking

While you want to make sure that you rank as highly as possible, you should never overlook the power of local ranking. Let’s say you run a small lingerie store in a city. Climbing up the ranks of your city’s Google hits is a smart move. Ensuring that your address is listed online, that you’re in internet directories, and that you are tagged is a smart way to get this job done.


3.  Avoid paying for backlinks

We all know that link-building helps to increase your domain authority and Google rank. However, there’s been a worrying trend of people paying for backlinks. If you’re using content marketing agencies to build up your links, you may want to question how legitimate and trusted they are. When you get a load of untrustworthy links in a short space of time, you could find that Google penalizes you and your rank drops.


4.  Check out the competition

Do you ever look at what other lingerie stores are doing? Do a quick Google search of stores in your area and check out the top hits. What are they doing well? How rich is their content? What about their web design? You need to know what you’re up against if you’re going to beat it properly. It’s that simple.


5.  Publish consistent content

Do you regularly publish content – in the form of a blog – on your site? Believe it or not, this simple strategy could be just the thing to keep your website relevant. Google looks for the most recently updated sites when searching and ranking. So, with that in mind, if you can continually publish new blogs with valuable information, it’s sure to give you the edge. Make sure that you are consistent in your strategy and keep adding to the site.


6.  Build your following on social media

While many people fail to realize it, having a large following on social media can directly impact the rank of your page. Make sure that you link all of the platforms that you use to your main site and make it clear to people that you are active online. Using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook may be a major job but it could be worth it in the end.


7.  Get rid of spam comments

When you first launch your site and start publishing content, you will notice one annoying thing. You will get spam comments. These should be easy enough to spot. Usually, they are overly positive but have absolutely nothing to do with your site. Block and get rid of these comments as soon as possible. If one of them has a link to an untrusted site, you could find that your website gets penalized.


8.  Be a pro at internal linking

Want to give your page more authority? Linking to your own content and pages could be the answer. You’re trying to create a web here – a linked system that follows a logical path. For example, if you publish a blog on bra fittings, you might want to link to your bra fitting service at the end of the content. Equally, you could use a sidebar to link to crucial pieces of information and boost your page.


9.  Get a guest blogger

Looking for a snappy way to increase your website’s publicity? Getting a guest blogger is a great place to start. When you have an external person write for your site, you will find that they share the content on their social media platforms too. You can also give them a link back to their page which – if they are well-known or legitimate – will increase your ranking. Associating yourself with other quality sites and personalities is a savvy move.


10.  Optimize your imagery

Stunning imagery is at the heart of every blog. However, the last thing you want is a site that loads slowly. When your pictures are too large, you will find that it has a direct impact on how quickly the entire page loads. That can have a strikingly negative effect on your SEO. Compress your images and make sure that they are optimized first.


11.  Improve your headline game

Should you start a blog for your store site, you need to make sure that you are a pro at writing headlines. If you’re new to the world of content writing, you might find that this is strikingly difficult. Before you write a headline, consider what people tend to search for online. Write in the terms and language they use. You can also research this ahead of time to get the best results. Try it for yourself! 

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