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14 Themed Social Media Content Ideas Your Followers Will Love

Coming up with ideas to fill your lingerie business’s social media calendar can be tough.

You have promotions to feature and products to promote, but there’s sometimes a gap in content. The key to social media success is posting consistently and not disappearing. So, you want to make sure you’re posting fresh content often.

Need content ideas to fill up your lingerie store's social media content calendar?

Here are fourteen themed content ideas your social media followers will love: 



  • Mad Love Monday – Use “Mad Love Monday” to tell your audience what you’re madly in love with that day. It could be a seasonal pattern, a new product or how you’ve paired two unlikely pieces together.
  • Matching Monday – Show off one of your lingerie business’s beautiful matching lingerie sets with “Matching Monday.” Whether it’s a bra and panty set or a robe and teddy, your followers may see a matching set they want from your store.



  • Bra Tip Tuesday – Share industry insight with your lingerie store’s followers with a “Bra Tip Tuesday.” You could share things like when to go for a bra fitting, how to store bras or something positive only lingerie experts know about the industry.
  • Trendy Tuesday – Fashion is always changing. Lingerie store owners can use “Trendy Tuesday” to show what’s trending in lingerie fashion.


  • What’s New Wednesday – What’s new with your lingerie business? Do you have new hours, a new product line or a new location? Keep your audience in the know about your lingerie store with “What’s new Wednesday.”
  • Wedding Wednesday – Bridal and wedding ideas are a great topic for lingerie store owners to include in their social media calendars. Give your audience wedding inspiration with “Wedding Wednesday.” You could feature bridal lingerie, lingerie party gift ideas or matching nighties for the bridal party.


  • Thong Thursday – Tangas, g-strings, Brazilian thongs – oh my! There’s a thong available for every preference, though some women think they’re all the same. Share your insight and the variety of thongs your lingerie store offers on “Thong Thursday.”
  • Thursday Thoughts – Empower and inspire your lingerie store’s social media audience with “Thursday Thoughts.”


  • Feature Friday – Use “Feature Friday” to feature a brand or product your lingerie business loves. Or, you could even future employees or yourself – the lingerie store owner!
  • Female Friday – Empowered women empower women. Share a quote or photo of an infamously empowered woman. Whether she inspired everyone around her or had a major role in the lingerie industry – sharing notable women on “Female Friday” will inspire your female followers.


  • Style Saturday – Show your lingerie business’ audience how to style lingerie with a “Style Saturday.” You could highlight how to create an outfit for a date night at home or how to style lingerie as part of an outfit.
  • Social Saturday – Being social does a woman good. Share a photo of brunch or girl’s night out to inspire your audience to live in the moment and be social on “Social Saturday.”


  • Self-Love Sunday – Remind your audience to refocus and recharge with “Self-Love Sunday.” Perhaps you share a photo of a bubble bath or reading a book in a café.
  • Sunday Funday – Use “Sunday Funday” to inspire your audience to enjoy themselves. You could share lingerie that’s perfect for lounging around the house or an afternoon of shopping in your store.


Themed days are an excellent way add valuable, additional content to your lingerie store’s social media channels. You could even use themed days as content for your Instagram stories. Just remember to always have permission before sharing a photo that’s not your own.

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