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3 Costly Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Creating Buyer Personas

Are you making these costly mistakes? 

As a lingerie store owner, buyer personas are essential. They can help you position your products and services to meet the needs of customers and help you gain a better understanding of your customer base. As important as they are, they're not easy to put together. Many small businesses have a hard time developing buyer personas and, as a result, often create unrealistic personas that don't help their business.

While businesses struggle with buyer personas for a number of reasons, here are the top 3 costly mistakes businesses make when creating buyer personas: 


1.  They don't do enough research. 

Instead of talking to customers and getting their feedback, some businesses believe they can decide for themselves what their buyers want. These assumptions may not be a true reflection of the market. This is a big mistake.

The ideas of the actual buyers must be incorporated as the behavior of the buyer is to be determined.

It is important to ensure that there is a complete and comprehensive interconnection between marketing, sales and the real customers for the buyer personas to be determined. If these conditions are not met in regards to the various things that need to be together then the buyer persona created will not serve its purpose.

Many small businesses fail in this regard as they are unable to tell the interconnections in these components of the businesses. They therefore come up with buyer personas with mistakes.


2.  They make the mistake of focusing more on the product than the buyer.

This is a mistake that small businesses find difficult to avoid. They mostly analyze outdated sales ideas and therefore find it hard to make informed decisions on buyer persona of the current times.

It is worth noting that when in need of creating buyer persona, the primary focus should be on the customer or buyer rather than on the product itself.

However, most small businesses ignore this very important concept and instead focus on the product. In doing this they come up with assumptions that are not reliable and may not be dependable if conclusions are based on them. 


3.  They create too many buyer personas.

Small businesses may emphasize on many different personas. Most of these businesses do not clearly differentiate each persona. Instead of helping it raise revenue for the business, too many personas may actually harm it. They may mostly focus on a small sample of customers, market locality or area.

This is a problem when conclusion is made about buyer persona under such circumstances. This may include focusing on a particular demographic section of buyers and ignoring another.

For example, one may focus the youth segment of their buyers and ignoring those who are old. They will therefore make conclusion of buyer persona based on that segment which is not a full representation of the whole market.



Although many would think creating buyer personas is a huge job, the approach can be quite simple if systematic and accurate steps are carried out. Buyer personas can help in content creation and SEO strategies and, in the long run, help you fine time your approach and also find new ways to increase revenue for your lingerie business.


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