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3 Important Tips For Building A Better Customer Email List

Lingerie store owners who haven’t heard about email marketing are missing out one of the biggest opportunities to drive new customers to their business. 

New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff noted that not curating an active and well-organized customer email list was one of those biggest mistakes he had made in the first six years of his business.

With an impressive audience of 7 million readers, he could have provided immense value for his email subscribers and developed relationships with consistent followers.

Can you imagine making the mistake every day for six years? 

Today, email marketing is one of the best ways to engage customers.

As a powerful marketing tool for small businesses, it is still the most cost-effective marketing tool that lingerie store owners can put to good use.

When you have a product or service to sell, all you need to get started is a good sales letter, a mailing list, and a computer with Internet access.

What many guides don't tell you, however, is that how you interact with your customers is even more important than when you interact with your customers. 

Your customer email list isn't just a list of names and email addresses, instead it's a bridge to a conversation and ultimately a long-lasting customer relationship.

With every email you send, consider why your customers should buy from you (be sure to identify, define, and refine your unique selling propositions) and then follow our do’s and don’ts—all of which you need to take to heart to build a successful email campaign.

Ready to build some bridges? Here are 3 important tips to help you get started.


1.  Get permission.

Showing good manners even before you send your first email is not only a smart move but more importantly, respectful.

One major drawback to email marketing is that people are increasingly becoming wary and resentful of  “spam” or unsolicited email.

Users hate unexpected emails.

For customer databases, it helps if you ask customers for their email addresses if they wish to be informed about your store updates, discounts and other promos you may have. 

It is equally important to be clear to them why you need their email addresses. 

Delight them with what your emails will offer- exclusive discounts, special promotions, customer appreciation events (Ladies Night, anyone?), and information about new products so your email list subscribers can be the first to shop.

If you're looking into other email lists, find out from the listing company how the addresses were collected.

But remember: In most cases, business owners who resort to responsible email promotions get the most feedback.

Although it takes time to build a customer list, patience is the key.

Just keep at it without bombarding your customers with daily or weekly emails.

If you are patient and persistent enough, tangible results will come.

By the third or fourth time around, your emails will start to pay off. 


2.  Manage expectations.

Once you have built an email list, it's time to put your positive campaign into action.

This requires you to be consistent with your promise of delivering updates on a daily or weekly basis.

If the email is going to be on a daily basis, then make sure you can deliver and remember: consistency is key.

For example, if you're sending out email newsletters on Tuesday and Friday each week, make sure you're able to send emails on Tuesday and Friday on the following week and going forward.

Your customers will become accustomed to your emails and be more likely to engage with you and your brand. 

Even those of us who are too busy to manage sending emails to our customer email lists have options.

The beauty in today’s technology is that there are email service providers who give you options to create auto responder sequences.

You can save a lot of time by setting up auto responder sequences and scheduling emails through marketing automation services (like MailChimp). 


3.  Make your email content substantial. 

One of the most preferred methods of email marketing is the newsletter. 

It may be the most expensive per recipient because of substantial content- content that often requires photos and full-length articles that you then must produce or outsource- but the time and effort can really pay off.

Compared to other digital marketing materials, newsletters tend to be read more by their recipients, so your advertisement will more likely be seen and acted upon by your customer list.

They're also incredibly effective for targeting specific customer demographics by allowing you to segment your customers into groups based on their buying habits, shopping history, and product and service interests.



Your customers' inboxes are flooded with emails everyday and tailored emails are the only way to break through the noise.

By establishing an effective, healthy line between sending meaningful information and flat-out spamming, you can build the foundation for quality and lasting customer relationships.

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