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3 Online Lead Generation Techniques Perfect For Lingerie Stores

In most cases, it’s unlikely that a first-time website visitor will make a purchase.

Instead, she might browse your lingerie store’s offering, compare against competitors and read reviews. Capturing her email address during her visit would help you influence her purchasing decision. That’s why it’s so important to use lead generation techniques on your lingerie business’s website.  

Once you have her email address, you can push the lead into your sales funnel. You can walk her down a strategic path that leads to a purchasing decision. But, you first need her email address.

Here are three online lead generation techniques perfect for lingerie store owners.


1.  Host a giveaway.

Hosting a giveaway is an excellent way for lingerie store owners to capture email addresses. However, the giveaway must be specifically tailored to your audience’s interests to yield the best response. Giving your giveaway a special theme can also pique interest because it’s timely. For example, you may choose to do a “staycation giveaway.” You could include a variety of intimates from your lingerie store and any accessories that may fit the theme.

Lingerie store owners will want to use captivating promotional graphics and copy to draw attention to the giveaway. The giveaway items should be of such value to your audience, that users don’t think twice before entering to win.


2.  Provide a content offer.

Another way to gather email addresses on your lingerie store’s website is by providing a content offer. The content offer immediately delivers something of value into the user’s email inbox. For instance, you may offer a bra fitting checklist or a tipsheet for buying lingerie for every body type. (You can also use the content offer as a lead generator on social media.)

Make sure the content offer idea is solid before you allocate resources to create it. The most thoughtful, put-together content upgrade can fall flat if your target audience has no interest in it.


3.  Offer a discount.

One of the oldest – but most successful – lead generation techniques is offering a discount upon joining your email list. So, give the people what they want – cost savings! Promote that customers can get a specific discount when they sign up for your lingerie business’s email list. This special offer should be promoted across your website – in a header banner, the sidebar, at checkout, etc. This is because you want new visitors to know they’ll save money today when they shop with you.

This lead generation method is also helpful at capturing users’ emails who would have otherwise used a “guest checkout” option. They’ll forfeit the time savings in order to get the cost savings. Of course, nothing stops a user from un-subscribing after they’ve made the discounted purchase. Make sure your email marketing strategy is strong so users remain subscribed. It’s good practice to opt users into an automated email sequence, once they join your lingerie store’s community. This gives you the opportunity to introduce the user to your store and guide her towards making a purchase.



Lingerie businesses want to convert as many website visitors to leads as possible. (Because the more qualified leads you have, the more opportunities you have to sell.) Once you obtain the email address, you can begin the process of converting the lead into a customer. However, a simple "sign up for our newsletter" message won't convert the visitor to an email subscriber. Lingerie store owners must instead offer something valuable, something users can’t say no to.

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