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4 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Email Marketing Content

Email subscribers stay subscribed to your lingerie store’s email list because the emails provide value.

That value doesn’t only come in the form of discounts, sales and promotions. Your email marketing efforts also provide value by educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience.

Marketing Land reported that lifestyle email content will be essential in 2018. Lifestyle content is the non-promotional content that connects your lingerie store with your audience. This is the content that brings your lingerie business’s brand to life. It makes your brand relatable and holds additional value for your email subscribers. It’s essential that you work this type of content into your email marketing efforts as a lingerie store owner. Let’s talk about why.


1.  Sending only sales emails is self-serving to your lingerie business.

Email subscribers don’t subscribe to your list to serve your business’s needs. A user doesn’t sign up simply because she wants to make you money or help move your company forward. No, she signs up because it benefits her. Sending only promotional emails to your audience can be detrimental to your email list's growth. Eventually, the subscriber realizes your emails are self-serving, instead of serving her.


2.  Email subscribers will unsubscribe if you’re always trying to sell something.

Too many promotional emails can lead a subscriber to hit “unsubscribe.” Why should a subscriber stay on your lingerie business’s email list if you’re always trying to sell her something? She could easily check your website for sales when she’s in need of new items. That method seems more viable if she’s not getting anything out of your emails. The emails junk up her inbox, and don’t provide additional value for her.


3.  Sending only sales emails doesn’t build relationships.

Consider what makes a good salesman or saleswoman. The saleswoman connects with the buyer and figures out what makes the buyer tick. Then, she slides in to sell – to make a proposition. She’s building a relationship with her buyer before selling her. She’s getting to know the buyer and letting the buyer get to know her. After all, people are more likely to buy from someone they know.

Lingerie store owners can apply this same technique to email marketing efforts. Don’t think of a new email subscriber as an opportunity to sell. Think of that subscriber as a new opportunity to introduce her to what your lingerie business is all about. Send her email content that relatable and valuable, and build a relationship with her. When you do send her a sales email, she’ll be more likely to buy from your brand.


4.  Sending promotional content only is flat.

There’s no versatility to your email marketing efforts when you send only sales emails. The subscriber sees a new email from you and (rightly) assumes that it’s a promotion. She may not open your email. She could delete it without reading it if she’s not interested in the sale. But, what if that email did hold value for her? You’ve been sending so many promotional emails that she no longer trusts you’re serving her needs.



As a lingerie store owner, you need subscribers to be intrigued by your email content. And to do this, you must send a variety of content – not just promotions – to your email marketing list. This provides ongoing value to the subscriber and holds her interest. It makes her more likely to open an email from you – every time. So, she not only opens that salesy email when it comes through, but she considers it.

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