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4 Factors That Can Cause Your Instagram Engagement To Drop

Have you noticed less engagement on your lingerie business’s Instagram posts?

You're not alone. Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm makes it tricky to know when your content will be shown to followers. And when fewer people see your Instagram post, it receives less engagement.

Your lingerie store’s Instagram engagement rate is an essential social media metric to track. High engagement means people connect with your content. Low engagement signifies your content isn’t quite doing it for your audience. Or, it could mean your content isn’t getting its usual exposure.

To understand your engagement rate and how it can improve, you must first understand what affects engagement.

Here are four reasons why your Instagram engagement has decreased (plus tips for addressing each issue):


1.  You’re not posting at optimal times.

Lingerie store owners must post Instagram content at optimal times, or when the majority of the audience is online, to increase the content’s reach. It’s important to reach as many people as possible with your content because it increases your chances of engagement. If you post at a poor time and receive little engagement, the timing could be the culprit. However, if you post at an optimal time and receive little engagement, the content may be to blame.

It’s also important to note that Instagram shows your post to more followers if the post receives a lot of engagement in the first hour it’s published. So, it’s essential to post when your audience is online.

You can find your lingerie business’s optimal posting times in the audience analytics section within Instagram. Use that information as a publishing guide so you can better understand how your content is performing.


2.  You’re not engaging regularly with your followers.

Lingerie store owners can boost their own engagement rate by engaging with followers. Sound confusing? Let me explain.

Instagram shows a user content that it thinks the user wants to see. And, Instagram determines what to show the user by examining the content she previously searched for, “liked” or viewed. So, a follower who always “likes” your Instagram posts will likely always see your content in her feed. However, a follower who doesn’t give your posts a “like” may not see your content in the feed.

You can encourage followers to engage with your content by first engaging with theirs. “Liking” and/or commenting on your followers’ posts entices followers to visit your Instagram profile and engage with content. Setting aside a little time each day to engage with followers’ content could boost your engagement rate within a handful of days.


3.  You’re not responding to comments quickly.

Instagram likes responsive accounts. So, lingerie store owners can’t post an awesome photo, then check back in hours later. Instead, you must respond quickly – within an hour – to comments on your posts. This shows that you are a real person, not a robot, who is providing real value to users.


4.  You’re posting hashtags in the comments section.

Using hashtags on Instagram is a great way to increase your post’s exposure. However, the misuse of hashtags could be a why your engagement dropped (because the hashtags aren’t working in your favor).

Hashtags won’t do any good if you include them in the comment section. Instagram considers that “spammy” and only counts hashtags that are included in the caption area. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t use the same sequence of hashtags in posts, as Instagram also considers this spammy.



As Instagram continues to evolve, its mission remains to create a positive user experience. In a recent press update, Instagram said, “Our goal is to be the best place to share and connect with the people and interests that matter most to you.”

So, how can lingerie store owners increase Instagram engagement? By continuing to create content followers love and engaging with those followers daily.

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