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4 Loyalty Program Ideas To Keep Your Lingerie Store Customers Coming Back

It's essential to go above and beyond to provide value to your lingerie store’s customers.

The more value you can offer, the more customer loyalty you’ll get in return. Offering a loyalty program is a great way to encourage customer loyalty, while also beating your competition.  

A loyalty program encourages customers to re-visit your lingerie business. The more a customer shops with you, the more benefits she receives. Here are some loyalty program options for lingerie store owners:


Free gift loyalty program

A free gift loyalty program provides your customer with a free item once she reaches a certain threshold. There are a couple different ways to offer this program. Lingerie store owners may offer a free item after a certain number of purchases. Or, you may offer a free item after the customer spends a certain dollar amount in your lingerie store.

The complimentary gift is at your lingerie store’s discretion, but the item should be exciting for your customer. This program works when customers are determined to reach that free item because it’s something they want. You may choose to offer one unique item each quarter or allow customers to choose any item under a certain dollar amount.


Cash back loyalty program

A cash back loyalty program puts money back into your customer’s pocket. So, this money-saving program is intriguing for shoppers who shop with you often. Let’s say your lingerie business offers $20 off when a customer spends $200. A customer may reach that threshold in one shopping trip or over a few. However, she knows that she’ll save money buying from your lingerie store, so she’s not encouraged to shop elsewhere.


Points loyalty program

A points loyalty program provides customers with points for dollars spent in your lingerie store. The customer can then redeem the points as cash to buy items. Lingerie store owners would just need to decide how much money each point can be redeemed for. For example, perhaps your lingerie store’s program offers five points per dollar spent. If a customer spent $40, she gets 200 points. Now, let’s say every 200 points equates to $3. Your customer can choose when she redeems her points.

She may choose to redeem her points on her next purchase, giving her $3 off of whatever item she buys. Or, she may opt to continue accumulating points for a more rewarding discount. For example, the customer could redeem 1,000 points for $15 off the next purchase she makes from your lingerie business.


Referral Loyalty Program

A referral loyalty program awards customers for sending you new business. This type of program encourages your customers to spread the word about your lingerie store. For example, you may choose to offer a $15 coupon to your customer for every new customer she refers.

Loyalty programs can be successful at creating customer loyalty. That’s why stores within a variety of industries offer them. But, lingerie store owners must be strategic and creative when deciding how and what to offer in a loyalty program. The benefit must be something of true value to your lingerie customers. And, you must ensure you have a solid method in place for keeping up with your loyalty program.



Many loyalty programs feature punch cards, and customers are responsible for keeping up with those punch cards. Of course, if a loyal customer loses the card, she could become frustrated. So, many stores offer an app on the customers phone instead. This makes it impossible for the customer to lose her points or benefits. 

When coming up with your lingerie business’s loyalty program, keep customers top of mind. This will help ensure you create a program your lingerie customers will appreciate and love to use. 

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