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4 Tips For Responding To Negative Social Media Comments

Putting your lingerie store in the digital space welcomes positive and negative feedback – especially on social media.

And, that feedback stays with your digital footprint. Knowing how to respond to such feedback is essential for managing your lingerie store’s reputation.

Let’s discuss how lingerie store owners can handle negative social media comments:


1.  Respond promptly.

Not responding to negative social media comments is simply not an option. Lingerie store owners must respond to negative feedback – and respond promptly. A prompt response to negativity shows you’re professional and dedicated to the satisfaction of your customers.

It’s also important to respond quickly so social media followers don’t see the comment go unnoticed. A negative comment with no response from your lingerie business doesn’t look good. But, make sure you respond kindly.


2.  Respond kindly.

The way in which you respond to negative social media comments is a chance for your brand culture to shine. Your response should reflect understanding and kindness – even if you don’t agree with the customer’s argument.

Responding with anything other than kindness only adds fuel to your customer’s fire. You certainly don’t want a second negative comment within the thread. This shows you lack the ability to handle the situation and to respond professionally to criticism. It could deter other customers from purchasing from you in the future.


3.  Briefly address the customer’s concern.

It’s important to address the customer’s concern briefly in your response. You don’t want to provide your full response or hash-out all the details publicly on social media. (You’ll want to take that conversation offline, which we’ll get to in a moment.) However, you don’t want to completely disregard the customer’s concern in your response as this will appear ingenuine.

Let’s say your customer comments that her order was supposed to ship four days ago but hasn’t. Perhaps your response could start with something like this:

“Hi, XX! Thank you for sharing this with us. Orders typically ship out within XX days, so we apologize for any delay…”

From there, you’ll want to ask your customer to take the conversation offline, so you can best resolve her problem.

4.  Ask to connect with the customer directly.

It’s essential to resolve your customer’s concern privately – not on social media. And, this isn’t only because lingerie store owners don’t want the public to know the details of the problem. It’s because connecting with your customer directly – through direct message, email or phone – allows you to effectively communicate with her.

Continuing the conversation via social media means your replies could get lost in the shuffle. Don’t make your customer look for your response. Ask her for the best way to reach her so that you can best serve her.

There are a few ways to ask your customer to connect directly. You could request her email address or phone number, or ask her to check her DM where you provide more information. Whichever you decide, make sure it’s the most hassle-free method for the customer.

To build on the example we discussed earlier, here’s how you could respond fully to a negative comment about shipping time:

“Hi, XX! Thank you for sharing this with us. Orders typically ship out within XX days, so we apologize for any delay. Can you please let us know the email address used to place the order? This will help us check into your order now, and we’ll contact you via that email address ASAP with an update. Thank you!”



No lingerie store owner wants negative comments associated with the store, but you’re likely to receive negativity at some point. Remember every negative comment is an opportunity to show your dedication to your customers. And, solving one customer’s problem well could create a brand advocate out of her. Managing your lingerie store’s social media accounts can seem daunting.

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