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4 Tips For Staying On Top Of Social Media

Lingerie store owners know that the key to social media success is to not go silent. Regardless of how many likes a photo gets or how many followers you have, you must keep your social media presence consistent. That can be tough while also managing your lingerie business. But with a little strategy though, you can do both well.

Engaging with followers and non-followers regularly drives traffic to your profile. Responding timely to comments and messages shows followers you’re committed, and it can also help with social media algorithms. And, posting valuable content regularly gives people a reason to follow you – and continue to follow you.

With that said, all moving parts of social media require your attention. But, don’t let that overwhelm you.

Here are four tips to help lingerie store owners stay on top of social media channels:


1.  Use a social media content calendar

A content calendar is essential for staying organized on social media. Lingerie store owners can plan photos, captions and publishing days and times. If you don’t already have a social media content calendar, start one immediately.

Creating a social media calendar takes a small chunk of time, but the benefits make it worth it. You’ll know exactly what your lingerie business needs to post to social media every day. You don’t need to spend time creating a witty caption or finding a good photo because you’ve already done that legwork.

Content calendars also reduce gaps in your content and make it easy for other lingerie store associates to post on your behalf.


2.  Automate social media where you can

Automation tools make managing your social media presence a breeze. Automation tools, like HubSpot or Hootsuite, publish content to your various accounts on your behalf. And, some social networks, such as Facebook, have built in scheduling tools, omitting the need to use a third-party scheduling tool.

Automation is especially helpful if you’ve created a social media content calendar. After you create the content calendar, you can schedule your content. The platform will publish your content at the designated time and day without any effort from you.

Previously, lingerie store owners could automate almost every social media account except for Instagram. However, Instagram now allows you to use a third-party platform to schedule and publish Instagram posts.

Automating social media content when possible is like putting your social media on auto-pilot. Almost.


3.  Check social media during short breaks

I said automation puts your social media presence almost on auto-pilot because you still must check in. Your engagement with others encourages others to engage with you. So, it’s important to respond to followers and customers promptly. You also want to engage with the accounts you follow and those that follow you.

Use short breaks during the day to check your social media accounts. It may sound silly, but liking a few posts in your feed on your way to the bathroom is beneficial. Let’s say you do that three times a day on Instagram. If you weren’t checking Instagram during the workday at all before, you’re now checking it three times a day. That’s helpful!


4.  Set aside time to engage with followers

You get it – engagement is essential on social media. Checking social media during short breaks is helpful to boost engagement, but it’s not enough. It’s a good idea to set some time aside each day to engage on social media. Use that time to like and comment on posts and engage with non-followers that represent your demographic.



Social media marketing is a vital component to a marketing strategy. Forgetting to post or check your social media accounts one day isn’t detrimental to your lingerie business’s marketing strategy. However, consistency truly is the trick to social media success.

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