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4 Ways Lingerie Store Owners Can Grow Their Email List By The End Of The Year

Obtaining an email address can help your lingerie business make an initial sale with that email subscriber.

And once someone buys from your lingerie store once, they’ll likely buy again. Starting the new year with a bigger email list will give you momentum for the months to come. You have a wider email marketing audience, so your sales prospects increase.

The holiday season provides multiple opportunities to gain new email subscribers. You can offer a seasonal incentive to gain new email subscribers through the holidays.

Here are four seasonal offers to help your lingerie store grow its email list by the end of the year:


Holiday Lingerie Discounts

Lingerie is a gift that’s given often around the holidays. Whether a woman’s significant other gifts her with intimates or she treats herself to something she’ll love. Since people are buying lingerie during the holidays anyways, encourage them to buy from your lingerie store. Offer a seasonal discount or a special discount on holiday-themed lingerie for joining your mailing list.


Buy One, Get One Promotions

Another way to grow your lingerie business’s email list this season is to offer Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions. Whether it’s a second item for free or at a steep discount, holiday shoppers love a good deal.


Free Gift With Purchase

You could also offer a free item with purchase when people join your mailing list. For this method to be successful, the free item must be something of value to the customer. Perhaps you offer a free bralette with a purchase of $80 or more. Or, a free panty with a purchase of $50 or more. Lingerie store owners should use their judgement to ensure the promotion makes sense for business.


New Year, Product Discounts

Will you be getting new products at the beginning of the year? If so, offering a discount on those fresh items is a great incentive for lingerie shoppers. Make them feel like they are in-the-know about your lingerie store’s upcoming products. Provide new email subscribers with a coupon to purchase new items in the new year.



Email marketing can provide a vast return on your investment. Offer to email an exceptional holiday coupon to use in-store or online, so you can add more qualified leads to your email list. You may choose to offer one holiday promotion or experiment with a few different ones. Whatever you decide, incorporate the promotions into your lingerie store’s social media calendar. Lingerie store owners will want to create eye-catching graphics to use on social media and link to your promotion in your social media profiles. These graphics should also be placed on your website to ensure organic traffic is aware of your holiday specials. 

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