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4 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Attract and Communicate With Customers

Video marketing is an important part of building your lingerie store revenue.

Technology company Cisco reports that internet video will make up 79 percent of internet traffic by 2020, driven by consumer demand for the visuals of videos.

If you’re ready to get started with video marketing at your store, check out these four ways you can incorporate video to attract and communicate with customers.


1.  Go Live on Facebook

Facebook Live is gaining in popularity on the social platform, with Facebook executives admitting that Facebook Live videos are favored over other content in News Feeds.

In other words, more of your business page fans will SEE a Facebook Live video that you post than a normal text, photo or pre-recorded video that you post.

In fact, Facebook Live videos see three times more engagement from viewers than pre-recorded videos that are uploaded to the social platform.

You don’t have to install anything extra to use Facebook Live but you do have to use your mobile device to tap it (your phone or tablet will work).


Here’s how Facebook Live works:

Just click in the content box on your business page as if you are going to type a regular Facebook update and then choose the “Photo/Video” option.

From there, choose the “Go Live” option.

You won’t go live immediately and will be able to hit a button to officially start your video when you are ready.

For viewers who don’t tune in live, your video will still pop up on their News Feeds to re-watch later.

If you end up hating the video you made, you can simply delete it and no one new will see it.

Facebook Live videos are great tools for promoting events related to your lingerie store, like sharing Black Friday shopping sales or promoting new merchandise that recently arrived.


2.  Try Boomerang on Instagram

Lingerie stores have an advantage when it comes to the visual side of merchandise.

Potential customers want to see what you have in the store.

Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward.

Boomerang is a fun way to engage your fans through easy video that you can make in a matter of seconds on your phone or tablet. It’s a great tool for showcasing employees too – giving a thumbs up or raising a cup of coffee on a Monday morning.

Not all videos you make need to directly promote sales; sometimes it’s just about engaging with your fan base in a relatable way. Boomerang is a fun, easy way to make the consumer connection.


3.  Use Snapchat filters

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the hundreds of available filters, or photo overlays, available through the mobile app Snapchat you are missing out on the fun.

Available for free on any mobile device, Snapchat offers ways to enhance photos and videos with backgrounds, masks, glasses, and more.

You can create Snapchat videos in a private album and then decide which ones you’d like to post later.

For a lingerie store owner, this could be a fun way to create videos of your latest, greatest merchandise in a fun, fake setting – like a tropical location if spring break is approaching.

You can also use the filters to dress up employees and even customers (with their permission) to share with your other fans.

Snapchat is a lot of fun and makes people smile, and it’s an easy way to create some video content that is memorable for your consumers.


4.  Incorporate videos on your website

For a more professional approach to video, consider making some high-quality, produced video for the landing page of your website.

You can also post these videos on your social accounts or send them through email newsletters if your lingerie store communicates with consumers that way.

You can have a professional video company make an “about us” video that take a behind-the-scenes look at your store and employees or you can regularly create new video (through a professional or just by using your own mobile device or video camera) that talk about your lingerie store’s offerings, or upcoming events or sales.

Tech company RendrFX reports that video on a website increases sales by 80 percent. That’s worth the extra effort of adding a video or two right on your main website. 



Other marketing methods can help you build your brand online, but the power of video marketing is unmatched in its reach and engagement. You don’t have to spend a lot of time incorporating video but these suggestions are a good place to start.


 Do you use video marketing for your lingerie store? What works for your small business?


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