4 Ways Your Lingerie Store’s Environment Affects Your Customers' Purchases

Your lingerie store's environment plays a factor in determining if your customers purchase from you.

But, it’s not just about creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. A lingerie store owner must ensure the shop’s environment immediately reflects an easy, pleasurable shopping experience.

Here are four ways your lingerie store’s environment affects your customer's purchases:


1.  Accessibility 

Make shopping at your lingerie store convenient by first making the store accessible. Outside, you need easy-to-find parking that’s well-maintained. Inside, there should be ample room for customers to shop in the store without feeling crammed. The entrance and aisles should also be wheelchair accessible.

Though the lingerie store should be accessible, your staff should be easily accessible as well. A customer may leave if there’s not an employee available to promptly answer a question or to check her out.


2.  Organization and tidiness

The overall organization of your lingerie store immediately tells customers if shopping will be easy. Consider retail stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. Some people don’t go to these stores simply because they must dig through overly crowded racks on narrow aisles. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to find what they need.

Lingerie store owners should make sure drawers and racks are easy to shop. There shouldn’t be excess merchandise in one location. Products in drawers, on racks or on tables should be neatly displayed and/or folded. And, drawers shouldn’t take force or budging to open.  It’s also important to ensure the organization of your merchandise makes sense. Keep like items together, and reorganize often as customers tend to move things around. An organized and tidy lingerie store ensures customers can shop pleasurably.


3.  Comfort 

Shoppers must feel comfortable as soon as they step into your lingerie business. After all, shopping for intimates takes time and can be uncomfortable for some women. Make your customers feel at ease upon entering your lingerie store by offering complimentary water or treats. Lingerie store owners must also make fitting rooms comfortable and body positive. The customer will likely need to try on an item before buying it. The ambience of the fitting room greatly affects how she feels in the lingerie. 

It’s also an added luxury to offer seating within your lingerie business, outside of the fitting rooms. Some shoppers may bring their significant others, so additional seating lets them wait comfortably as their partner shops. (This is helps the customer to not feel rushed. Her partner isn’t uncomfortable or inconvenienced, so she may take her time shopping.)


4.  Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is essential for lingerie store owners. Visual merchandising helps customers easily see new items and shows them how to style pieces together. It also makes your store more visually appealing. Use window displays to grab shoppers’ attention outside. And, use mannequins and in-store displays throughout the interior of your lingerie business.

Lingerie store owners should update all displays often with new products. This creates a fresh look for shoppers and gives you a chance to rotate your best pieces. Updating displays (especially window displays) with seasonal or holiday pieces also entices customers to come see what’s new.



Offering beautiful lingerie at your target customer’s price point simply isn’t enough to make the sale. Lingerie store owners must make shopping in-store as convenient and pleasurable as possible to earn customer loyalty.


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