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5 Essential Tips For Crafting Email Newsletters Your Customers Will Love

We all know that nurturing customer loyalty is just as important as getting new customers. But what if I told you that it's more cost effective to foster relationships with current customers than to seek out new customers? 

According to data from Invespcro, "Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more, when compared to new customers."

A great, inexpensive method to market to existing customers is through email newsletters.

If your customers had an amazing experience at your store, chances are they're interested in visiting again.

One of the best ways to generate repeat business is through highly-targeted email newsletters that hone in on the products, services, and values your customers are interested in. 

Without a doubt, understanding how to craft effective email newsletters is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox. 

Looking for new ways to make your email newsletters stand out from the many emails your customers receive?

Here are some guidelines to ensure your customers not only love your email newsletters but also look forward to the next one. 


1.  Hook them with the subject line

We all know how our inboxes are flooded with hordes of emails everyday.

Since the typical user will just browse through the list of emails instead of clicking on each individual email, the only part of the email visible to a casual browser of the inbox is the subject line.

To make your email newsletters stand out from this crowd, the subject line should be catchy and something that would peak their interest and make your newsletter irresistible.

I will give a simple example to emphasize this point.

Let us assume you are promoting a new line of clothes.

The straight forward way would be "Checkout our new line of clothing", while the intelligent way would be to give the subject line a little pizazz: "Want to turn heads this summer? Check this out".

This basic idea invokes interest without giving away too much information thus making your customers more likely to click on your newsletter.


2.  Create short and sweet content

Getting your customers to open your email newsletters is just the first step.

The email needs to keep them interested long enough to get your point across.

Keep in mind the modern customer has a very short attention span, so it's best to get straight to the point and make every word count.

Be sure to reference your USPs, or unique selling points, speak as though you are talking directly to your target customer, and remember that your customers love incentives and promotions.


3.  Be personal

Being personal doesn't mean that you invite all of your customers to dinner (unless they're a good friend of yours), but rather that you explain things in a way you would to a friend. It's always a good idea to use sentences that seem more like advice than instruction.

Your customers will appreciate the personal tone of the email and connect with your authenticity.

As they say, the stronger a customer bond becomes, the more loyal the customer will be to your brand and business. 


4.  Be honest

Hyping what you are trying to sell is one thing but over exaggeration is a strict no-no.

The most important thing you need to cultivate with your customer is trust.

You might get away with selling the first time but you will not only lose that customer but also ruin your reputation in the market if you aren't honest and transparent with all of your products and services.

So make sure what you are advertising is what you are selling and be sure to show your customers the same honesty you'd expect to receive while shopping. 


5.  Have a clear cut goal

The ultimate aim of your email newsletters is a single action from the reader.

It could be to get them to check out your new website, make an appointment for a bra fitting, visit a store-sponsored event, buy a new bra, or any number of other things.


Every single word you use should be furthering this goal.

At the end of the email newsletter, the reader should have a single course of action, because more often than not, she will either delete the email or forget about it if she doesn't feel compelled to take action. 

To sum up, begin with an eye-catching subject line and follow it with precise, well organized content with the single aim of building your customer base.

And be sure to always be refining and adding to your customer email list so you have a strong list of customers to send the emails to.

Happy selling!

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