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5 Essential Tips for Encouraging Your Customers to Leave Reviews on Facebook and Yelp

Are you looking for ways to boost your SEO rankings and drive more targeted traffic to your site?

Today’s search engines place much of their focus on social media and review sites when calculating search results.

Entice your customers to leave positive reviews about your product, service, or brand on Facebook or Yelp. Top rated reviews will increase your visibility to search engine algorithms and improve your position in search results. Today, many of the customers will find your business through an online search, location, or word of mouth. And reviews can make or break a business. 

How do you incentivize or encourage your customers to get online and leave your reviews?

This article will discuss 5 essential tips that you can use to encourage your customers to leave reviews on Facebook or Yelp that are positive and recommend your product, brand, and services to their network and the online world.


1.  Your profile matters

Your profile on both Yelp and Facebook matter. They are the first point of contact for your customer before they leave their review. 

Setting up a Yelp profile is simple, the platform offers a free tool package that assists you. Make sure that you download the “Yelp for business owners” mobile app. This app sends alerts for any new reviews straight to your mobile device, allowing you to follow up immediately.

Both of your platform profiles should be filled with engaging content. Your customers want to know they are leaving a review for a company that engages with their customer comments and reviews. Additionally, they may also be Googling your business to make sure it's legitimate or still in business if your other social media pages have gone quiet. 


2.  Incentivizing & encouraging your customers to leave reviews

The challenge with obtaining online reviews is often encouraging your customers to write them for your business. 

Unless they are incentivized and motivated, the majority of your customers will not take the extra time out of their day to leave you a review, even if it takes less than a minute to do so.

To incentivise your customers, run campaigns on social media offering prizes or rebates on your products and services in exchange for reviews on both platforms. 

Next time you're asking them about how they found out about your store, if they mention Yelp or Facebook, let them know that you love reviews and would love for them to write about their experience online.

If they don't seem interested in the moment, don't push it by asking them to leave a review right then and there in the store. It could completely turn them off and take away from their excellent shopping experience.

Remember: Though most Yelp and Facebook reviews are more related to the store experience than the products, some customers prefer to review once they've worn the products a few times or visited once or twice, especially if they're new customers.


3.  Increasing the Number of Reviews

As your number of reviews increases, you dilute the total overall effect of the reviews. This helps if you receive any negative reviews, discounting the impact of one or two bad reviews on your total score. The platform algorithms will take this into account when assessing your profile.


4.  Paying for illegitimate reviews will cost you dearly

It has never been easier to spot a fake review. They are often worded poorly or contain generic spun text. Another common sign of a fraudulent review is sequenced postings, such as a new review every three days apart. New accounts with one or two reviews can also signify fake reviews. Most of the time, the platforms algorithms will detect this and either filter or suspend accounts with fake reviews.


5.  Engagement is everything

The growth of your business is dependent upon your engagement with your customers. Seize every opportunity you have to follow up on each customer's experience with your company or brand.

When you receive a new review, remember to follow up with your customer and thank them. If the feedback is poor, offer a solution immediately. The faster you respond, the better your chances of reconciling with the customer and turning the bad situation around. 

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