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5 Irresistible Content Offer Ideas For Lingerie Businesses

Content offers are great for capturing qualified leads on your lingerie business’s website.

What is a content offer?

A content offer is a freebie used to encourage a viewer to provide her email address – like a guide, tip sheet, ebook or checklist. Content offers are successful because you’re providing something free, yet valuable to your audience.

There are two ways to promote your content offer on your website – and lingerie store owners should do both. You can create opt-in forms for the content offer on website pages and blogs. You can also add promotional graphics to your sidebar and promote the content offers on social media. The user is directed to a landing page when she clicks on the link or the graphic. The landing page would have compelling marketing copy and an opt-in form. With both, the content offer will either be emailed or downloaded immediately after she provides her email address.


Why should I use content offers?

A content offer can successfully bring in email subscribers when its topic is on target. It’s a good idea to have multiple content offers available. This ensures you have something to entice a variety of interests. With only one offer, you risk not capturing a lead because she’s not interested in that specific topic.

Lingerie store owners can also use content offer topics to segment email lists. This way, you continue to send the email subscriber content she’s interested in – increasing her chances of remaining a subscriber.

It’s important to be specific when creating your content offer. The viewer needs to know exactly what she’ll get so her decision to opt-in is easy.

Here are five irresistible content offer ideas perfect for lingerie businesses:


1.  A guide to buying the best lingerie for your body type.

One content offer idea for lingerie businesses is a guide to buying the best lingerie for every body type. This option can appeal to your entire audience.


2.  A special occasion or holiday gift guide.

Create a gift guide for specific holidays or special occasions, like anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. The good thing about this content offer idea is that it’s timely and relevant. And, it’s recurring every year. Of course, you’d want to include a variety of items at different price points from your lingerie store.


3.  A bra fitting checklist.

Eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It’s a great idea to use this to your advantage by helping women determine if they’re in the right bra size. Create a bra fitting checklist so women can easily double check they’re fit at home. You could also promote this as something to bring along when bra shopping.


4.  A bra shopping tip sheet.

Another content offer for lingerie businesses is a bra shopping tip sheet. Compile your best tips into a short list that a subscriber can carry in her purse. You’ll boost her bra knowledge, so she can confidently and accurately bra shop.


5.  A Discount on their next order.

This technique is slightly different than the ones listed above, but it works. Offer new email subscribers a discount on their next order. Many people will sign up just to get that discount. Make sure your lingerie store’s email marketing strategy is solid. Otherwise, a user may unsubscribe after taking advantage of the one-time discount.



Content offers are successful for two reasons. You have the chance to convert first-time website visitors on the first visit. And, you continuously encourage conversion of loyal visitors. It’s important to always evaluate the success of your content offer. A simple change in the way you’re promoting it could bring in more subscribers.


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