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5 Popular Blog Topic Ideas For Lingerie Store Owners

A blog is an excellent content marketing tool for lingerie businesses.

Publishing relevant blog posts regularly is a way to serve your audience, and it creates a sense of community around your lingerie store. Of course, maintaining your lingerie store's blog can become tedious without a solid strategy.

Your strategy should be centered around providing value to your audience. So, when brainstorming blog topics for your lingerie store, make sure the blog ideas serve a need of your audience. Product reviews are helpful and do provide value, however, they shouldn’t be the only thing on your blog. Think beyond the obvious lingerie business blog ideas, and think about your audience’s interests instead.Consider the reasons why they’re buying your lingerie, and create blog topics around those reasons.

Sourcing fresh lingerie business blog ideas can be tough, so let’s dive into some blog topics your lingerie store can blog about. 

Here are five blog topics for lingerie businesses, plus sample blog ideas for each category:



Lingerie and intimacy go hand in hand, so intimacy is a hot topic for lingerie stores to blog about. You sell lingerie to maximize people’s intimate relationships. And, quite frankly, people are always interested in learning new ways to keep intimacy fresh and exciting. Thus, writing about intimacy on your lingerie business’ blog is a great idea.

Here are some sample intimacy blog topics for lingerie stores:

  • How To Create A Romantic Evening For Two
  • How To Feel More Confident During Intimacy With Your Partner
  • XX Products To Spice Up Your Love Life



Self-care encompasses self-love, self-acceptance, lifestyle, hygiene and nutrition. These are all subtle ideals that your lingerie store promotes. You want women to feel as beautiful as beautiful as they are – and lingerie can help with that. When a woman feels beautiful, she accepts herself and loves herself. And when she loves yourself, it’s easier to live a healthy lifestyle. Hence, self-care is a relevant blog topic for lingerie businesses.

Here are sample self-care blog ideas for lingerie businesses:


Confidence and Empowerment

Lingerie is meant to make women feel confident and empowered in their skin. So, blogging about these topics makes great content for lingerie store owners.

Here are sample blog topics about confidence and empowerment:


bra Fitting

You have a lot of lingerie industry insight that you can share with your audience. Whether it’s about lingerie or bra fitting, sharing that insight will educate your audience. And, an educated audience is an empowered audience. (That’s the whole point, right?)

Here are sample bra fitting blog topics for lingerie store owners:


Holidays and Special Occasions

Special occasions provide a wealth of blog ideas for lingerie businesses. Think all of the occasions that correlate with lingerie – anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – the list goes on.

Here are sample special occasion blog ideas for lingerie businesses:



A successful blog requires strategic planning. Consider the deeper reasons why people buy lingerie, then create blog topics around those ideas. The goal is to write content that interests your audience, but can be tied back to your lingerie store’s offering. And before you publish each blog, take a few moments to improve your blog’s SEO so you maximize the return on your blogging efforts.

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