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5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Marketing More Body Positive

Body positive marketing is the hot new topic in fashion and lingerie, but it’s easy to miss the mark on it.

Being body positive isn’t about using #bopo or talking about it on Facebook: it’s about demonstrating a commitment to being a resource for customers of all body types. The good news is that your business may be doing this already - you’re just not telling people about it!

Here are 5 easy ways to show people that your business is open to supporting customers of all sizes, so everyone will feel excited about shopping with you:


1.  Make sure all of your products have photos of the garments on more than one body type.

This is honestly as easy as making sure you download both the core and plus size photos from your wholesalers most of the time! It takes a little bit more time to put up a unique photo for each listing, but it makes a world of difference for your potential customers to see someone who is in their size range wearing the item. Even if the model doesn’t look exactly like them, they’ll be more inclined to shop with you once they’ve seen you make the extra effort.


2.  Vary the body types you show on your social media.

Again, this can be as simple as making sure you’re mixing up the photos that you’re using from your wholesalers. You can also encourage customers to submit photos in your items and use their images with permission: just make sure you’re encouraging a range of people to submit rather than one type or look.


3.  List your full size range in your advertising.

Lots of great lingerie boutiques carry a huge range of sizes but just don’t talk about it! If you do, make sure that fact is front and center on your website and your marketing materials. After all, no one will come shop with you if they don’t know that you carry their size. This also helps reassure new customers that you will be welcoming to their size and shape if they come shop with you.


4.  Show a range of body types together if you are creating original marketing photos.

If you do have the budget to create your own images, try and show a range of body types together rather than focusing on a single model! If you can’t find (or afford) models in a wide size range, get brave and ask some friends or customers to help you out. You’ll be amazed at how authentic and friendly your marketing can look once you start thinking about how to include everyone.


5.  Train your fitters and employees to be experts in multiple body types and then tell people about it.

A good lingerie boutique puts an incredible amount of time into training their staff. Some have even gone so far to develop their own internal certification programs and knowledge courses that fitters are expected to pass before being offered a full-time job at the boutique! What most boutiques don’t do is talk about this. If you have been putting serious time into training your fitters, make sure people know. Are your fitters experts in plus size bras? Do they have extra training when it comes to maternity bras? Are they sensitive to body dysmorphia and other conditions? If so, let people know! Your customers will view your store as their favorite lingerie shopping destination because they feel safe in your hands.



How is your brand or boutique incorporating body positivity into your marketing? How are you ensuring that all of your potential customers feel included? Share your experience with us in the comments below.



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