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5 Powerful Ways Tracking Customer Purchases Results in More Sales

As a lingerie store business owner, you want to get into the minds of your consumers. 

What leads the customer to make a purchase, or what makes her or him decide not to buy?  By analyzing data each time your customers shop, you can gain knowledge and discover new business opportunities. 

It’s actually much more expensive and time consuming to recruit new customers than it is to retain existing ones.  In fact, returning often shoppers spend more than first time customers.  Treating your clientele well after they make a purchase is one of the best ways to grow your business. That takes more than just sending a thank you email, or saying it in the store.

Today’s customers expect companies to anticipate their needs and the items they will want to buy in the future.

One way to stay ahead of your lingerie store consumers’ shopping behaviors is by tracking their purchases and other actions. Tracking purchases can be so vital to your business’s growth that many companies either designate an employee as their customer relationship manager, purchase CRM software, or both. 

As your business grows, your personal interactions with each customer lessen, and it is more difficult to remember the little details that make for superior customer service.  Customer relationship technology can bridge the gap between what you know firsthand, and what you aren’t able to intuitively track on your own. 

Here is why tracking customer purchases is crucial to business growth:


Tracking purchases makes your marketing efforts more effective

Using customer data to formulate personalized emails improves your marketing efforts. Simply addressing consumers by name in the subject line of your email automatically increases customer engagement, just as it would if you called each customer by name in your store.

By knowing what products a consumer has purchased from your lingerie business in the past, you are able to send trigger emails sharing when the item is on sale or when new, similar product are added in the category. Such personalized, relevant offers can even be a service provided to the shopper, which can translate to increased trust in your brand.


Tracking can make the shopper’s experience more personal

Tracking purchases allows you to reward customers for their loyalty to your lingerie business. Small tokens, like including a thank you note with an order or sending a follow-up thank you email that includes a special offer, remind buyers to return to your store and help them to feel appreciated. 


Tracking identifies areas that need improvement

Asking a customer for feedback after she completes a purchase can help business owners see what is working and what areas need further development. This simple act tells shoppers you are invested in their shopping experience. 

Collecting customer data can help you know which employees are most helpful and knowledgeable when customers shop in store, and who needs additional training. Asking for additional information can help small business owners discover issues that may otherwise be difficult for them to see.


Tracking purchases can help you decide what products to feature

Looking at customer purchase data can help you understand which products are performing best for your business. You know what your clients want and how much they are willing to pay for it. 

Tracking purchases helps you promote certain products to a target audience. Purchase data also helps you to know when to expand your line to carry new items.


Tracking can even help you win back customers

Tracking data makes it easy to see when a loyal customer is making purchases less frequently. You can use this information to win back your regular shoppers by reaching out to them. Send a message reminding them why they love to shop at your store and a special offer that entices them to return. Win back promotions are incredibly effective and often the target audience begins patronizing your business regularly again. 



10 great CRM tools for small businesses

Ready to set up customer relationship management software? Try these sites that are known for their small business-friendly features:

1.  HubSpot CRM

2.  Insightly

3.  Zoho CRM

4.  Agile CRM

5.  Pipedrive

6.  Base   

7.  Salesforce

8.  Bitrix24

9.  Apptivo

10.  ProsperWorks



Knowing more about buyers’ behavior and overall shopping trends is good for your business.  While retailers often tend to look forward, tracking customers’ past purchases is another way to provide personalized attention to your shoppers, which keeps them coming back to your store. 

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