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5 Questions To Help You Determine If Blogging Is Right For Your Lingerie Business

As a small business owner, you know a big part of the reason customers choose your lingerie store is the personal connection and service that comes along with each purchase.  

Starting a blog is a way to extend that small business feeling to even more customers and expand it beyond your brick and mortar lingerie store.

Today, blogging is becoming a more and more important tool for entrepreneurs looking to increase business and build their brand. In fact, companies that also maintain blogs have 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. 

Sixty-one percent of online shoppers in the United States have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog, and 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on their site.

It’s clear that a blog can be another avenue to build your lingerie business. 

Here are five things to consider prior to jumping into the world of blogging.


How can a blog help grow my small business?

A small business blog is a valuable marketing tool.  It is an online representation of your business that can reach far beyond your home location.  A blog can help customers find your business, but it should not be used simply to generate sales (that’s the end goal, but shouldn’t direct every piece of content you post).  The purpose of a blog is to provide value and information to the customer.  Use your posts to share tips and knowledge with the reader.  When that reader is ready to make a purchase, your lingerie business will be at the front of her mind. A blog is also an excellent way to showcase your personality and develop an ongoing connection with your readers, just as you would in the store.


How much time should I devote to blogging?

As a business owner, you know that time is more precious than money.  Be realistic about how much time you would be able to give to your blog.  For a blog to help your business, you should post regularly, preferably at least once a week.  The more articles you post, the easier it is for readers to discover your blog.  When thinking of the time investment, don’t forget that today’s blog post will attract customers far into the future.


What topics should I write about?

Blog readers are looking for high quality, engaging content.  They also like to get to know the person behind the computer.  Tell your story.  Write about your business – how you first got started and what made you take the leap into entrepreneurship.  Tell about new products in your lingerie store or showcase your customers.  Share your successes, your failures, and the lessons you have learned as a small business owner.


Can a blog improve my SEO efforts?

Yes!  Starting a blog can do wonders for your company’s Search Engine Optimization, which makes it easier for customers to find you on search engines like Google and Yahoo.  By developing more relevant content, you keyword ranking will increase.  Use your blog to link back to high quality content from other blogs in your niche and other small business owners will do the same.  Build a relationship with other bloggers by commenting on their posts and following them on social media.  Don’t forget to link back to your own content inside your new blog posts, too.


How does a blog help me build credibility in my field?

Blogging improves your presence in the lingerie business industry.  Customers will be more willing to purchase from your company because you have earned their trust and given them valuable information.  A well-written blog can attract the attention of other influencers.  It can help you network and form relationships with other business owners, which can lead to surprising new opportunities down the road.



Starting a blog is a relatively inexpensive way to market your small business, but it can have a big impact.  Are you ready to jump in to the world of blogging?

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