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5 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Aren't Opening Your Emails

Your email list can be an effective marketing tool for your lingerie store.

A report by Campaign Monitor found that email marketing could return an investment of $44 for every $1 spent. But, your lingerie store’s email marketing efforts are only as successful as the email’s open rate. The open rate tells you the percentage of people that opened your email. A subscriber isn’t reading your emails if she isn’t opening the emails. And, the rest of your email strategy is irrelevant if your readers aren’t reading your emails.

Here are five reasons why your email subscribers may not be opening your emails + tips for resolving each issue:


1.  The subject line isn’t captivating. 

The email subject line is a lingerie store owner’s first opportunity to grab a subscriber’s attention. If you don’t hook the subscriber with the subject line, won’t open the email.

Try putting the most important info concisely in the subject line. Or, test a subject line that creates a sense of urgency, shock or mystery. It’s important to play around with different types of subject lines to see what pulls readers in. Keep track of how each subject line performed for your lingerie business, so you can make improvements.  


2.  The subscriber isn’t interested in the content.

It’s possible the subscriber isn’t opening the email because she’s not interested in its content. This could be because your subject line isn’t accurately describing the email’s content. But, it’s possible the content simply isn’t valuable to the reader. Be strategic in the content your lingerie business sends. And, let your audience know what they’re signing up for so there are no surprises in content. You can also ensure that your emails provide value to your subscribers by using segmented email lists.


3.  The email is going into the subscriber’s junk folder.

Your lingerie store’s emails may be going into a subscriber’s spam or junk folder. This can occur if you’re using an email marketing automation service to send emails from an address that is not from your domain. For instance, lingerie@gmail.com could be flagged as spam. Your email could also be flagged as junk or spam if your email automation service doesn’t follow proper regulations and laws.


4.  The email bounced back from the subscriber.

An email never reached your subscriber’s inbox if it bounced back to you. There are a few reasons why an email may bounce. It could bounce back because there was a brief issue with the server, the subscriber’s inbox was full, the email address is invalid, or the email file was too large to send.

Lingerie store owners must keep an eye on email bounce rate. Remove any email addresses that show as invalid. You could also omit an email address if it continuously bounces back. You’ll want only valid, current addresses on your list, so the analytics are as accurate as possible.


5.  The subscriber didn’t see the email.

Of course, a subscriber could have simply missed the email come through. Perhaps she overlooked it in her inbox or accidentally deleted it. Try using the feature in your email automation tool to resend an email to subscribers that haven’t opened it yet. I’d only suggest doing this once per email though. Resending an email too many times could make a subscriber unsubscribe if she purposefully didn’t open it.



It’s essential to analyze the success of your email marketing efforts. But the first and most important metric to measure is the open rate. Tweak your strategy until you reach an open rate you respect. The more opens you receive, the more chances you have to make an impression on your subscriber and to make the sell.

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