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5 Tips For Building A Unified Team

Your lingerie business is as strong as the team supporting it. When your team is aligned and supportive of each other, the business thrives. It’s also evident when your team isn’t unified – whether it shows in revenue or you feel it in the environment.

You won’t build a team that works seamlessly together by simply hiring good people. Instead, you must make conscious efforts to unify the team, so it’s collectively aligned with business goals. 

Here are five tips for unifying your lingerie business’s team:


1.  Lead by example

Leadership is one of the essential traits for successful business ownership, and the most important factor of building a unified team is leading by example. Your lingerie store’s associates take note of how you act toward others and them. This sets the tone for what associates assume is acceptable behavior in the lingerie store.

Treat your team with genuine respect and kindness. A unified team must truly respect each other, and it’s up to the lingerie store owner to initiate that respect.


2.  Make your mission known

Your lingerie store’s mission is a shared commonality among your team. Lingerie store owners can use this to their advantage by making the mission known. When every team member is aware of the mission and how they can help achieve it, you create a more unified team.

Let the mission be evident in all aspects of your business. You can revisit the business mission in team meetings or even make your mission clearly visible in the store. The more people are aware of shared goals, the more aligned they become with each other.


3.  Be transparent

You may not think it’s necessary to share private, business-related information with your team, however, transparency builds trust. It’s essential that lingerie store owners are transparent about minor and major dealings.

Will you be out of the office next Friday? Add it to the calendar so your team can plan for your absence, just as you’d need to plan for theirs. Are sales down? It’s okay to share that information with your staff. Withholding information about the stability of the lingerie business will only make employees nervous. And, anxious employees can’t perform well.

Being transparent with your employees benefits everyone. You expect staff to be honest with you, so you are leading by example. And, when everyone is on the same page, there’s less room for miscommunication, which can put people on edge.


4.  Get the team together often

A unified team is a bonded team. It’s essential to get all team members together often for team building activities. Whether it’s sharing a meal or doing an off-site activity – quality time together allows the team to bond.

It’s possible some employees may not be familiar with others if they work in different departments or shifts. The more your team members know each other, the more comfortable they feel. And, it’s much easier to have someone’s back and them have yours when you’ve built that rapport.


5.  Ask for feedback

Don’t only ask customers for feedback on your lingerie business. Ask employees, too. After all, there’s no one better to ask for company feedback than the people helping you to manage the business. The feedback – whether it’s positive or negative – will help you evaluate any potential changes that need to be made.

Asking for feedback also shows that you care about your employees and value their opinions. Lingerie store owners should be respectful and empathetic when receiving feedback. This ensures honest communication the next time you ask for opinions.

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