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5 Tips for Harnessing Your Expertise to Create Tailored Content Your Customers Will Love

Content marketing has been labeled king by digital marketing professionals.

However, many companies, businesses and organizations still are struggling to exactly figure out how to make this strategy work out for them. It is not, after all, as easy as publishing blog posts and establishing a monthly newsletter. This article discusses 5 tips for harnessing your expertise to create tailored content your customers will love.


 1. Bring Your Customers Inside

Clients require businesses to solve their issues, and are ready or willing participants in that value addition procedure, when given a chance. You should move beyond this marketing mentality of “us vs. them.”

You should empower your clients to become part of the business process and you are going to receive low-cost source of innovation and research.

Ask their input in new projects you are working on, and let them tell their own stories via co-created content.


2.  Be Focused

The internet has succeeded in creating ultra-segmented marketplace that lets smart marketers create specialized content which solves particular issues.

To succeed, your content must be focused on some well-defined niche audience. You should take your time to exactly map out your target audience through developing a detailed profile of the audience, including their demographics, psychographics plus a thorough knowledge of how they negotiate their own social space.


3.  Get Organized

Most individuals classify content by format (tweet, video, blog article, etc.), which sometimes leads to repetitiveness and your audience feeling like you're shouting at them, as opposed to talking with them.

You should try another different framework, one that will provide you some much clear look at the role every piece of your content plays in promoting interaction within your community. Schedule time to connect with your audience - thank your audience for reading, reply to comments, and pose questions, 

For instance, when planning out your editorial calendar, you should separate content into one of these three categories: Original content, co-created content and curated content, defined by how the piece of content was created. If you're the only person writing for the blog at the moment, try breaking your calendar down by topic, date, title, and SEO keywords.


4.  Get Emotional

Content must go beyond just being essential - it must be unforgettable. So rather than trying to churn out quantity, you should take time figuring out the kind of emotions which move your audience and always focus on quality first. 

In this regard, it is significant to remember that not all emotions are equal. Some kinds of emotions-those which get individuals “aroused” such as anger, passion, and awe-are much more likely to generate shares compared to those which make people toned down-such a contentment, relaxation, and sadness. Don't be afraid to share a news story, article, or video that resonates with you and would resonate with your followers too. 


5.  Respect the Numbers (But Don't Be A Machine)

There are different tools out there which lets you utilize data to paint an image of your social landscape. But if you are not careful, they can turn out to be a hindrance. Numbers are a guide; they shouldn't dictate what you do. Especially in the early stages, when you're just starting to build and grow an audience, you might notice that your numbers are different than you expect. Don't let this dismay you. Always always trust your gut - you know your customers better than anyone else.

Let the numbers be an indicator of what your customers are clicking on and reading, but don't let it stop you from creating content that addresses your customers' core needs, wants, and interests and speaks to your brand's voice and mission. 



You should make effort to be familiar with your clients. Instead of just webinars and mass emails, you should take time to have some individual conversations. Strive to understand what individuals are struggling with, and you'll have an almost endless stream of ideas for new content to create.


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