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5 Tips To Help You Get Started With Email Marketing

Just like your lingerie business, technology is constantly evolving. 

But even with the explosion of marketing options available, including increases in the use of social media for promotion, entrepreneurs across industries continue to see the value in email campaigns.  This is because there are three times as many email accounts than there are Facebook or Twitter accounts combined.  Businesses are 6 times as likely to get a click on a link from email than from Twitter. 

It’s safe to say that email marketing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  How can you get started using email to promote your lingerie business and increase sales?


1.  Think about your goals

Before you jump in head first to the world of email marketing, think about how you want your campaign to help build your business.  You are most likely looking to increase sales and revenue, but are you looking to drive people to your website or brick and mortar location?  Are you trying to inform loyal customers about new products or have new customers visit your website?  By asking yourself these questions you will have a better idea of what type of email to send and who to send it to.


2.  Build Your Email List

Once you have established your goals, it’s time to start building your all- important email list.  If you have a list of your current customers, your first step may be as simple as enrolling this existing information into your chosen email marketing tool. 

If you are looking to build up your customer email database, the best way is to offer a valuable incentive. Decide what will motivate a customer visiting your web site (a discount on their first order, free shipping, a free gift with purchase) and then make it easy for them to subscribe to your email list by adding clear call to action buttons on your site.


3.  Decide What Type of Message You Want to Send

Are you looking to send a promotional offer, a newsletter, or an event invitation?  Do you want to attract new customers or engage your current customer base?  A newsletter sent to current loyal customers can keep your brand at the forefront of her mind and send her back to your website.  Marketing offers can offer discounts or promote new products in your line.  These types of offers should include a direct call to action and an easy way for your customers to click through to your web site.  An invitation helps spread the word about your special event and encourages people to attend. 


4.  Begin Your First Campaign

It’s finally time to start designing your email message!  Email tools such as Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, or Emma can provide automation and help you with every step of the marketing process, but there are still fundamentals you should know to create a successful campaign. 

Audience attention spans are short.  

Your email should be structured to grab their interest quickly, so avoid overwhelming the reader with text.  A brief headline that highlights the key message, visuals, and a clear call to action are important.  Email tools make it easy to segment your message, sending different information to loyal customers than to new subscribers, so you can tailor your message to different groups.

Make sure your email is easily read on a mobile device, as increasing numbers of consumers are opening messages on the go.  And don’t forget to align the design of your email message with that of your web site and physical location so you are presenting one unified brand to the consumer..


5.  Measure Your Results

Once you have sent your email off, you will want to measure the success of your campaign.   You can do this using your email marketing service or a website analytic tool, such as Google Analytics.  You will be able to see the number of subscribers who opened your email and the click through rate.  These metrics will help you fine tune future campaigns. 



Despite the increases in marketing via social media, email campaigns still offer the best return on your investment.  Email campaigns are simple to create yet lead to powerful results – meaning a better bottom line for your lingerie business.

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