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5 Ways To Entice Your In-Store Customers To Join Your Email List

Growing your lingerie store’s email list shouldn't only be something you focus on online.

You should also encourage in-store customers to join your email list. In fact, many lead generation techniques can be used both in-store and online.

You may even have an edge when it comes to promoting email sign-ups in-store. Your customers get to see you, interact with you and build a connection. So, it may be easier for a customer to opt-in when she feels like she’s built a rapport with you.

Here are five ways to entice in-store customers to join your lingerie business’s email list:


1.  Host a giveaway.

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to attract more email subscribers. The giveaway item(s) should be relevant, valuable and too-good-to-pass-up for your lingerie business’s audience. This way, it’s a no-brainer for your in-store customer to sign up.

You’d have a promotional graphic if you were promoting the giveaway online. So, it’s important to have something visual for the in-store customer as well, like a small promotional card. It’s much easier for her to decide to opt-in when she has something to see, instead of only hearing you explain the giveaway.


2.  Offer a digital coupon.

You could also offer a digital coupon when the customer joins your lingerie store’s mailing list. The coupon would be emailed to her upon joining the mailing list, and it would offer savings on her next purchase. Perhaps it has an expiration date to encourage to her shop again soon. Or, you could omit an expiration date to pique her interest.


3.  Offer an immediate discount for signing up.

Lingerie store owners can provide an immediate discount when customers join the email list. Some lingerie store customers may not be intrigued by saving on their next purchase because there’s no immediate gratification. So, offering an immediate discount in exchange for an email address is extremely enticing.

How could someone say no to, “Would you like to save 10 percent today by joining our email list?” Your customer gets instant savings, and you get a new email subscriber. It’s a win-win.


4.  Offer a rewards program.

A rewards program can also be helpful in growing your lingerie business’s email marketing list. There are many rewards programs lingerie store owners can offer. You should consider what would be of most value to your customers when choosing a rewards program. For example, would your target customer like to receive a free gift after reaching a certain monetary threshold? Or, would she rather receive cash back on a purchase?

Rewards programs aren’t just rewarding for your customers – lingerie store owners are rewarded as well. The programs encourage repeat business because your customers benefit by simply shopping with you.


5.  Explain the perks of being on your email list.

Sometimes getting a new email subscriber simply requires explaining the perks of your email list. Lingerie store owners can ask customers during check out if they’re on the store’s email list. Don’t just ask if she wants to be on it if her answer is no. Instead, explain how she’ll benefit from joining, then ask if she’d like to sign-up.



So often, retail store associates ask customers at checkout, “What’s your email address?” The customer doesn’t know why the email is needed. So, she may provide her email anyways, or say she’s not interested it providing it. But, I think a knowledgeable email subscriber is much more valuable than a subscriber who provided an email without knowing the reason. Lingerie store owners want an email list full of customers who see the value in the emails. This makes it more likely she’ll open your emails and consider taking advantage of your promotions.

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