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5 Ways To Get Customers Back For A Second Bra Fitting

Offering bra fittings is a crucial sales tool for many brick-and-mortar lingerie retailers.

Many customers are still uneducated about what constitutes a good bra fit, and may put one back on the rack because it didn’t look good on, unaware it would have looked fantastic in another size. A little helping hand to help them find that ideal size can therefore go a long way towards boosting your sales figures.

So if bra fittings are so great for business, why do so many boutiques treat them as a one-time thing? It’s well known in retail that it’s far easier to get a previous customer to return than it is to entice someone in for the first time. The same must be true for bra fittees, surely! And if you can get people coming back for a new fitting on the regular, you stand to make far more sales from them.

Whether you’re offering free bra fittings or charging for the service, here are 5 ways you can get those clients coming back for a second (and third, and fourth…) fitting in the future.


1.  Share your knowledge

Some bra fitters are reluctant to give away their ‘trade secrets’, worried that people will switch to measuring themselves at home instead if they know how to do it. But I would argue that a bra fitting is about so much more than just taking a few measurements correctly!

It’s about calling on all that knowledge about the nuances in fit between different brands, styles and fabrics, and picking out that one single bra from the dozens on the shop floor that is just what the person is looking for. That’s something a customer can still struggle with themselves, even if they understand how to use a tape measure. 

So don’t be afraid to indulge in a little changing-room education as you carry out the fitting. Importantly, make sure your clients are aware of the ideal frequency to be refitted, factors that can change their bra size (a new exercise routine for example), and how to tell when their bra needs replacing – so that they know exactly when to be popping in for a new one.


2.  Keep their details

Once a bra fitting is over, ask if the customer would like you to keep their details on file for next time. If so, note down things like their contact info, measurements and the bras/sizes that they tried on, including whether each worked and which they ended up buying.

That way, you’ll be able to offer a much more personalised and efficient service the next time. If they call to book another fitting, you’ll be able to whip out their details and throw in comments like: “I remember you loved the Parfait Charlotte, we’ve got it in a new colour I think you might like” which will make them feel valued, increasing their loyalty to your store.


3.  Send out email reminders

Another big benefit of getting your fittees to hand over their contact details is that you can remind them when their next bra fitting is due – encouraging them to re-book in the first place!

You can minimise admin with an automated system that sends out an email a set number of months after the customer last came in for a fitting. If you want to go one step further, update your email template periodically with pictures and details of new-in-store bras to help tempt them in.


4.  Incentivise fittings

Everyone likes getting a good deal, and offering some sort of incentive for coming back to be refitted increases the chances of it happening. If you charge for bra fittings for example, consider offering repeat fittings for free.

Or, in your reminder emails, include a discount voucher or the offer of a free glass of bubbly during the fitting if they book it within a specific time limit (so that they’re less likely to think “I’ll do it next week” and then forget).


5.  Provide unparalleled service

This last one should go without saying, but make sure you’re offering an excellent bra-fitting service! You can do all the above and it won’t work to get clients coming back if they feel like they had a poor experience the first time around.

Emphasize the importance of being friendly and approachable to your fitters. Make sure they are focused on truly helping the customer find a bra that fits, rather than selling them the most expensive bra they can (or worse, a poorly-fitting one because your store doesn’t carry the size they really need). Someone that feels like they got good, fair service will remember that, and be far more likely to return.


Do you have any other tips or tricks that have helped you to get customers coming back for future bra fittings? Share them in the comments section below!

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