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6 Key Tips For Pushing New Email Subscribers Into Your Sales Funnel

It’s unlikely that someone will subscribe to your email list and immediately make a purchase.

So, lingerie store owners must push new email subscribers into the sales funnel – or the process of making a purchase. And, it's actually not “pushy” at all. Your sales funnel will feel natural and organic when implemented correctly, leading to new customers.

This article explains how to implement a sales funnel into your lingerie store’s email marketing strategy.


1.  Set-up a specific email sequence.

The first step in incorporating your sales funnel into your email marketing plan is to set-up email sequences. You likely have different ways for people to join your mailing list – whether it’s a content offer or just a simple opt-in form. Lingerie store owners should set up automated email sequences depending on how the user joined. This is because your first email to someone who downloaded a free checklist would be differ from the email to someone who joined with no incentive. Let’s walk through potential ideas for your lingerie business’s email sequence.


2.  Welcome and thank your new subscriber.

Welcome the new email subscriber to your lingerie business. Tell her what you’re all about and what she can expect from joining your community. Don’t forget to thank her for joining as well, especially if she downloaded a free content offer.

It’s essential that the first email an email subscriber receives from your lingerie store isn’t selling something. She needs to warm up to you and your business. In fact, your sales funnel shouldn’t be salesy. Instead, it should consist of non-promotional email content that persuades the user.


3.  Provide a one-time special offer.

Lingerie store owners want to offer a special, one-time offer to new email subscribers. It needs to an offer too good to pass up. And, you should convey to the user that this offer won’t come again – that it’s strictly for new community members. Perhaps your offer is 30 or 40 percent off her purchase. Make sure to include an end date for the offer so there’s a sense of urgency.


4.  Provide some extra content or info.

Provide some entertaining or educational content via email to your new subscriber. Maybe it’s tips, popular blog posts or a little background on why you do what you do. Or, maybe you ask for feedback on the content offer and share some additional insights on the topic. Mention the time-sensitive special offer in each email following the discount email. Just make sure the offer is not the focus of the email.


5.  Share your best-selling items.

Continue to send rich content to your new subscriber, even after you’ve provided the special offer. Remember, she still needs to warm up to your lingerie business. This is a good time to share links to some of your best-selling lingerie items. Make sure your tone of voice isn’t overly promotional. Be friendly and yourself. (People want to feel like they’re interacting with a human!


6.  Remind the subscriber to use the discount.

It’s likely your lingerie business’s one-time offer to the new subscriber is expiring soon. Send a couple emails to remind her that time is running out. Again, don’t be pushy or stiff. Be conversational in your emails.



Don’t stop engaging with the user via email once she becomes a customer – whether she bought online or in-store. Send your new customer an email a few days after her purchase to follow-up. Ask her for her feedback on her shopping experience and/or the product. This shows that you weren’t just trying to push a sale. It shows that you do care how well your lingerie business served her. And, it could be the trick that turns into her a loyal, advocating customer.

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