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6 Original Content Ideas For Your Lingerie Store’s YouTube Channel

So, you’ve just started a YouTube channel for your lingerie store.

What do you do next? If you’re completely new to the world of vlogging (i.e. video blogging!), you may not have a clue where to start. Before you do anything else, it’s worth taking some time to consider what types of video you want to create.

Here are just six original content ideas to try:


1.   Introduction video

When you first launch your store’s YouTube channel, there’s one thing that you absolutely have to do. You need to introduce what your channel is and give people an idea of what they can expect from it. Don’t worry about making this video too long. It can be a minute or even shorter. Length is not important. What is important is that you pack all of the essential information into the clip in an engaging and interesting manner.


2.  Unboxing new lingerie products

Unboxing videos have been a YouTube staple for years now. Many viewers head to this site to check out what the latest products are. Here’s where you have an advantage. You will get the first peek at some of the lingerie world’s newest offerings. Share that with your audience. You could show off a new line of lingerie or some of the most up-to-date accessories. Remember to add some intrigue and take your time unboxing each item.


3.  Behind-the-scenes clips

If you want your audience to engage with you directly, you have to show them that your business has a human side. Creating short and sweet behind-the-scenes clips could be the answer. Show your viewers what an average day at the store looks like and what jobs you have to do. You could even give them an insight into how you choose the products as this is something that the everyday consumer knows nothing about.


4.  Lingerie advice

Now, let’s think about one of the greatest gifts you can offer your audience. Your expert lingerie advice. As a lingerie store owner, you know a thing or two about trends and style. It should be a natural instinct by now. With that in mind, you probably have a whole load of know-how when it comes to what to wear and what not to wear. Take the time to note down your key pieces of bra fitting and lingerie styling advice and share this wisdom with your audience in the form of a video. You could even create a series of advice vlogs.


5.  Questions and answers

Are you an avid YouTube fan? If you are, you will likely already know about the common Q&A style videos online. These clips allow commenters to ask questions of the YouTuber and find out more about their lives and interests. As a business, you can use this idea as inspiration. Ask your audience – either on Facebook or Instagram – to send you some questions about lingerie and fashion. When you have a few, you can make a short video clip answering these questions with your expert opinion.


6.  ‘Meet the designer’  

Needless to say, every lingerie fan wants to know more about their clothing and how it’s made. If you have connections with one of your lingerie designers, you could create a video called ‘Meet the designer.’ The clip would give your audience the chance to get to know the person behind the products that they buy and understand a little more about the entire creation process. Again, this is the type of video that you could easily turn into a series.



Now that you know what type of content to produce on your YouTube channel, why not get started? Of course, it goes without saying that there are loads of other video types you can try for yourself as well. Give these initial ideas a whirl at first and then consider other ideas as you decide to expand your channel. Good luck and happy filming! 

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