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6 Reasons Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

Abandoned shopping carts account for much of your lingerie store’s lost sales.

More than three quarters of all shopping carts are abandoned, according to eMarketer. A portion of this cart abandonment rate is due to customers getting distracted. You may not be able to affect your customers’ attention span, but you can decrease cart abandonment caused by other factors.

Knowing why there’s an abandoned cart is the key to ensuring the cart isn’t abandoned again for the same reason.

Let’s discuss some reasons why lingerie store customers may abandon online shopping carts.


1.  The shipping charges are not disclosed upfront.

Customers expect shipping charges but expect to know up front how much shipping will cost. Your lingerie store’s customers will quickly abandon their shopping carts if surprised by high shipping fees.

It can even be a turn-off if the shipping fee is average, yet not disclosed until the end of checkout. (It’s a mental thing.) In her mind, your customer has agreed to pay $25 for the product. But right before entering her card info, she learns it will be $38. She wasn’t mentally prepared for that total, so she abandons her cart. Lingerie store owners must make shipping charges visible early in the shopping process.


2.  There are hidden fees.

Your lingerie business’s customers want to know all applicable fees before deciding to purchase. It’s irrelevant to display your shipping charges on your website if there are additional fees at checkout. Something as simple as a processing fee could make a customer throw in the towel.

Condense all fees into one shipping fee, so fees are not overwhelming for your customers. And, make this one fee clearly visible to your lingerie store’s customers.


3.  Shipping times are too long.

Today’s consumers expect quick shipping times. Seven to 10 days is no longer acceptable for shipping. Customers will leave their cart if the product won’t arrive soon. And, long shipping times could deter a customer from ever shopping at your online lingerie store again.


4.  The site is slow.

Today’s consumers are also impatient, and a slow site can decrease sales. Slow-loading pages can make a customer lose interest and patience. Lingerie store owners should ensure website pages respond promptly to user actions at every state of the shopping process.


5.  The purchasing process is too tedious.

The purchasing process must be streamlined and functional to ensure customers don’t become annoyed. It’s a good idea to offer “guest checkout” so new users aren’t required to join your lingerie business’s community before checking out. You’ll also want to ensure a pleasant shopping experience on all platforms, like desktop and mobile. A user shouldn’t be forced to stray from her preferred platform because it’s not supported by your website. In fact, she likely wouldn’t change her platform. Instead, she’d forfeit viewing your products or making an order.


6.  The user is distracted.

Online shoppers can easily get distracted. As such, a portion of your cart abandonment rate may always be due to a customer’s lack of focus. You can recoup some of those lost sales by sending automated email reminders to users who have abandoned a cart. However, this would require you to already have the customer’s email address. (This is one reason why capturing website visitors’ email addresses is so important.)



Consider the additional ecommerce sales you could bring in by resolving just a fraction of abandoned carts. It could equate to quite a bit of revenue. However, lingerie store owners must know the root of the cart abandonment issue to resolve it efficiently. Improve cart abandonment one issue at a time, and watch your bottom line slowly increase.

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