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6 Strategies for Writing Captivating Email Subject Lines

Your lingerie business’s email subject line is your first opportunity to sell your message to the reader. And, really, it's the only opportunity.

If you can't hook a reader with the subject line, she’s not opening your lingerie store's email. That’s a fact. According to Convince and Convert, 35 percent of consumers open emails based on the email subject line alone.

Wondering how to spruce up your lingerie business’s subject lines? Here are six email subject line strategies lingerie store owners can use to increase email opens:


1.  Use the email subscriber’s name.

Using the person’s name in the email subject line personalizes your email. You may use their name in the email’s greeting, but the reader won’t see this unless the email is opened. Seeing her name in the subject line tells her your lingerie business wrote this email for her. Perhaps that’s why emails with personalized subject lines get opened 22 percent more than those without personalization.


2.  Go for shock value.

Reading something shocking gets a reader’s attention. It makes her want to open the email to know more. And, “shocking” doesn’t have to mean bad. Shock value could be a statistic or stretching your point just a bit to get the reader to open the email.


3.  Ask a question that strikes a nerve.

Asking a question in the email subject line can be successful strategy at getting more email opens. Your lingerie business exists to serve a need. So, asking a question that you know your customers face – and you can answer – will intrigue the reader to open the email. Perhaps you ask, “Are you tired of your bra hurting you?” The reader will relate when you ask the right question, and she’ll want to open the email to see how you can solve the problem.


4.  Pique the email subscriber’s interest.

Add some curiosity to your email subject line by being a little mysterious. In other words, don’t give it all away in your subject line. I recently received an email from a business that said, “We’ve been keeping a secret.” I immediately opened the email because I wanted to know what they had been working on. It turns out that the business was launching a new product. (And, I’ve already taken advantage of that new product, so the email subject line worked!)


5.  Create a sense of urgency. 

Creating urgency in the subject line is another efficient method of increasing your email open rate. This strategy works particularly well when your lingerie store is providing discounts or special offers. Instead of simply saying, “Don’t forget to use your 20% code,” you could say, “Only 24 hours left to get 20% off your next order!” Adding a time frame tells the reader she must act now.


6.  Make your content timely. 

It’s a great idea to make your email content timely when possible. Let’s say your lingerie business is launching a new product line right before Valentine’s Day. Lingerie store owners wouldn’t want to just say, “Check out our new lingerie line.” Instead, perhaps your subject line reads, “The most gorgeous Valentine’s Day lingerie is here.” Your readers are likely already thinking about Valentine’s Day, so including the holiday in your subject line makes the email more relevant to them.



Creating an email subject line that grabs your readers’ attention is the key to boosting your ROI on email marketing. Lingerie store owners should play around with various techniques. It’s a good idea to also test different subject lines on the same email, (aka A/B testing.) However, it’s been said that A/B testing yields the most accurate results when performed on email lists of 1,000 subscribers and more. 

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