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6 Ways Lingerie Stores Can Partner with Local Businesses

More than 80 percent of people ask for recommendations before making a purchase, according to a Harris Poll Online study.

So, it’s no doubt that word of mouth referrals play a big role in a customer’s buying decision. If you have a loyal customer base, you may already have brand advocates referring new customers to your lingerie business. But, don’t leave word of mouth referrals completely up to your customers. You can also contribute by partnering with local businesses.


Benefits of Partnering with Local Businesses

Partnering with like-minded, local businesses can increase your lingerie business’ exposure. But, it’s essential to partner with companies that share your target audience, and aren’t your competition. You’ll want to select partners that serve women and strive to empower women, as this is where your missions will overlap. Think of businesses that cater to the same demographic as you – boutiques, wedding stores, spas, salons, jewelry stores, fitness studios, etc.

A partnering business gives you a platform to get in front of their audience, which are your target consumers. And gaining a trusted partner gives you a new cheerleader in your corner. That’s because partners want to see each other succeed. When you gain new business, your partner gains access to more of their demographic. And vice versa.

You and your partner have complete control in how your partnership functions. However, you must ensure that your partnership serves and benefits both sets of customers.


Partnership Ideas for Lingerie Stores

A partnership must provide value to both business’ customers for it to be successful. So, when brainstorming partnership ideas for your lingerie store, consider why your customer may be visiting a partnering business. Let’s look at partnership ideas for lingerie stores.


1.  Coupons with Purchase 

Providing coupons for partners to give at checkout is a great partnership idea. Let’s say a bride is dress shopping at a wedding boutique. She’ll likely need wedding lingerie. You could provide the boutique with “bridal lingerie” or “special occasion lingerie” coupons to give to the customer with her purchase. The customer already needed to buy lingerie for the occasion, and your discount entices her to shop with you.


2.  Giveaways

Giveaways are another way for partners to tap into each other’s audience. You and your partner could put together a basket of products from both your stores. The giveaway could take place on social media, in-stores or both. When the partner promotes the giveaway, they mention your business – and vice versa. And depending on the giveaway rules, you could both gain new social media followers from one giveaway.


3.  Co-host an event

Consider co-hosting an event with your partner. It could be a happy hour, themed event, an open house, etc. You both would have the opportunity to sell, provide coupons or simply chat with the other’s customers. It’s all about face-time, and a new contact could become a new customer.


4.  Guest blogging

If your partner has a blog, you could provide a guest blog. Whether it’s a one-time post or a recurring gig, guest blogging is a great way to get in front of your partner’s audience. Just remember that you should be informative, not overly promotional, when guest blogging.


5.  Social media

Your partner has worked hard to build a social media presence that their customers connect with. So, getting in front of those loyal fans is a great idea for your business. Perhaps your partnership entails posting to social media when the other partner has a new product or promotion that would benefit the other’s followers.


6.  Email marketing

Your partner’s email list is another valuable resource for you. Whether you share discounts or early access to promotions, you’ll want to get in front of those email subscribers.



Because customers rely so heavily on word of mouth referrals, you want as many people as possible be aware of your lingerie business. Building partnerships with local businesses is a way to increase brand awareness and to get your brand in front of more target customers. 

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