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7 Common Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making

Do you manage your lingerie store’s social media?

If you’re completely new to the world of marketing, you may find that this is a difficult feat. Gaining traction and followers online is anything but easy. However, you spoil your chances by making common mistakes on these platforms.

Here are some that you absolutely want to avoid:


1.  Not having a proper strategy

Before you even post your first status or picture, you need to know what your overall aim is here. Strategy is everything. You don’t want to go into the world of social media blind, especially not when you’re representing your lingerie store. Make sure that you outline your goals, your target demographic, and your voice before you do anything else. You can read up on strategies online and figure out what works for you.


2.  Posting poor quality pictures

When it comes to social media, the quality of your pictures is crucial to your success. You need to make sure that your followers see you as a professional brand. Posting imagery that is poor will make your brand look poor. Take the time to vet each and every picture that you’re about to post online and use apps to edit it as well. It’s worth the trouble.


3.  Spamming your audience

Publishing content just so you have something to post? It could be time to rethink your method here. If you’re always spamming your followers with promotional posts poorly disguised as casual updates, you’re bound to lose their trust. Constantly asking people to buy your products is a sure fire way to turn off your audience and, in enough time, lose them completely. Before you post something online, consider what it offers your followers. And, even if it means posting new content less frequently, be extra selective in the content you publish. Every piece should provide value to your audience. 


4.  Disagreeing with negative comments

There’s nothing worse than reading a negative comment about your brand. However, the last thing you should do as a lingerie store owner is start disagreeing with people on your page. Getting into an argument with your followers will weaken your brand value and could change the way that your audience perceives your store. Instead, consider ways in which you can deal with the negative feedback in a constructive and savvy manner and you'll come out on top. 


5.  Ignoring your followers

On the other hand, you should never be a ‘passive poster.’ Putting something online and then ignoring the comments is a mistake. Your followers may ask you questions or reach out to you directly on one of your posts. If you fail to monitor what people are saying, you will find that you lose followers. Social media users value brands that interact with them online and give them the answers they need. Schedule some time each day to check your social media account so you can keep track of posts at all times.


6.  Posting content irregularly

Make a schedule for your social media posts and try your hardest to stick to it. If you post a load of content one week and then nothing the next, it will stick out like a sore thumb. You need to have a plan here. It’s all too easy to make the mistake of posting sporadically but people are likely to notice. Your audience should be able to rely on you for regular news and updates about the store. The key word there is ‘regular.' Remember: You can always change the schedule later as long as you're consistent with posting.


7.  Failing to measure your success

Is your social media campaign working? What are you using to measure its success? If you’re not measuring your success, there’s no way that you can accurately know what your reach is. You should be looking at the reach of your posts, your overall followers, and how your followers interact with you. There are many different tools out there that you can use. Facebook has built-in Page Manager tools that can help you better understand your reach, for example. Check it out!

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