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7 Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Lingerie Business

Marketing sells products. There’s no hiding that fact.

Though marketing can help with brand awareness and also drive sales to your door, you may not have a large marketing budget to begin with. Luckily, there are many creative ways to market your products without spending hundreds of dollars.

Here are seven creative marketing ideas to boost your lingerie business: 


Apply for small business awards

One of the great issues that many business owners have is how to show their customers that they are worth their time. It’s quite the conundrum. Here’s a secret: Laying claim to an industry award is a truly excellent way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It costs next to nothing to enter yourself into a competition and you could find that it gives you an extra thing to brag about in the coming year.

There are actually specific award categories and types for lingerie stores, for example, the Intima Awards. It’s worth checking out what awards are running in your local area too.


Run a competition online

If you want to grab a whole lot of attention for your lingerie business, there’s one way to do so. Online competitions can be quick and easy to set up. What’s more, if they take off and get some traction, you will find that a whole load of potential new customers hear your name.

Facebook is one of the easiest platforms on which to start a competition, but you must make sure that you adhere to their strict guidelines. Choose a prize to giveaway, create a post that lays out the terms, and watch your likes (and followers) skyrocket.   


Host a blogger event

Or invite local bloggers and influencers to speak at your next Ladies Night. Many bloggers already have a substantial platform and a whole load of influence within a certain area. What’s more, if the partnership seems it could be mutually beneficial,  you could tap into their market and use it to boost the profile of your lingerie business. You simply need to make sure that you choose the right bloggers for your event.

Ensuring that they have social media influence is key here. Then, you need to create an event that’s worth talking about. You could reveal a new line of products, give away some exclusive goody bags (maybe even provided by local sponsors or the brands you carry in your store), and even provide entertainment. Remember, the better your event, the more people will have to say about it.


Create and share visuals

Want to get more attention on social media? Visuals make social media content share-worthy. It’s that simple. According to statistics by Buzzsumo, Facebook posts that contain imagery are 230% more likely to be shared by users. So, adding a unique image to your posts will help to boost them more than you know.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the spare cash lying around to pay a graphic designer. You could always make the images yourself. Online tools, such as Canva, allow you to create original artwork for the sweet price of nothing at all.  


Network, network, network

How often do you get out there and network on a face-to-face level? This marketing technique is one that every lingerie business owner needs to try. Should you want to get the word out there, this is one of the easiest ways to do so. Check out some of the networking sessions in your region and make sure that you get on their guest lists pronto.

Telling people about your lingerie store and what you have to offer will help you make excellent, lasting connections. What’s more, you may find that it also wins you a whole load of new customers to boot.


Write your own press releases

Often enough, lingerie business owners will have a PR team to help them spread the word about their business. Of course, you may not have the cash to splash on this type of promotion. If that’s the case, it could be worth giving it a go yourself. Writing a press release about a new lingerie launch or an exciting collaboration doesn't have to be hard.

Just remember to keep your writing clear and concise. You should include the main details of the event. That is, what’s happening, where it’s happening, and why it’s newsworthy. Then, you need to send the release out to local media outlets and, if you’re feeling extra lucky, some national ones too.



Finally, you should never underestimate the power of reviews. Customers trust other customers. That’s why you need to make sure that people are saying the right things about your lingerie store. One simple way to make sure that you get reviews from people, is to print out some referral cards and give them out to customers.

You could even give customers a small discount if they refer a friend to buy from you. This organic way of gaining new potential customers could be more effective than you think.



Contrary to popular belief, marketing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, it can be way cheaper than you expect. So long as you’re willing to be creative and put in some work yourself, you can let people know how great your business is in no time.

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