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7 Key Strategies For Creating Customers For Life

All businesses want loyal, life-long customers.

In order to develop life-long customer relationships, business owners need to constantly create opportunities for an emotional attachment between their audience and their brand.

While emotional attachments can be created through day to day customer interactions (creating exceptional experiences) and content (blogging, podcasts, recording videos), you need to have a deep understanding of your customers first.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here are 7 key strategies for developing and nurturing loyal customer relationships. 


1.  Go Above and Beyond with Customer Service

To have lifelong customers in a business like Lingerie, you must always be working to better customer service.

From keeping your customers informed about new products to providing discounts for new and regular customers, you need a well-established system to support your customers.

A contact database and email list would be part of the system, but don't forget about your team.

Encourage your team to go above and beyond in customer service and give them the freedom to make decisions on their own.

They're a key part of your system. 


2.  Be Transparent

To build trust with your customers, show them you’re vulnerable just like they are.

Accept if mistakes are committed by you or your staff members and accept the responsibility for your mistake.

Focus on resolving the problem with care and speed and your customers will appreciate you even more.


3.  Respect Their Choices

If a customer picks a bra that isn't right for them, don't criticize their choice right away.

Instead, drop subtle hints about the availability of better products, or better yet, show them the products that will work for their body type.

If you criticize their choice straight away, the customer may feel like they are being stripped of their buying power.

This also applies to situations when you don't have a product in stock or don't carry a certain brand that your customer is looking for.

Instead of saying "no" and leaving it at that, encourage them to try a similar style from a different brand (or recommend an even better option).

Customers recognize and appreciate when a business goes above and beyond and works for their loyalty. 


4.  Be Empathetic

As a business owner, you probably meet customers everyday who are coming to you because they've had a bad experience at another store.

Maybe they were fitted for the wrong size bra or maybe they just didn't like the service they were provided.

Saying something like "I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at XYZ bras.

Our experts will take good care of you here and help you find the right bras today," or "I'm sorry those bras didn't work out for you.

What didn't you like about them?" Empathy goes a long way. 


5.  Create and Innovate 

Your customers always leave room open for new options, and they do a lot of research on the internet before choosing their lingerie.

To create life-long relationships with your customers, you have to constantly create and innovate the things that will add value in your services and products. 


6.  Invest in Research

It's always a good idea to know what's going on in the industry and stay up to date on trends.

But, it's also a good idea to invest in research that will help you get to know your customers better. 


7.  Ask Your Customers for Their Feedback

Communication is the key to building a solid foundation for your business.

As a lingerie store owner, it's necessary to nurture relationships with your customers with open and consistent communication.

Take time each month to check in with your most loyal customers and ask for their feedback.

If they haven't shopped in your store in a while, ask them why.

If they love your products, but can't make it to your store during business hours, ask them what you can do to make it easier for them to buy from you.  

Customers who feel valued remain loyal to the businesses that make them feel valuable and are invaluable sources of feedback. 



Despite tough competition and a changing business environment, there’s a reason why small businesses focus on customers first.

By following these tips, you can encourage your customers to remain loyal to your store and support your business for many years to come.


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