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7 Non-Promotional Email Content Ideas For Your Lingerie Business

Your email subscribers appreciate receiving discounts and promotions from your lingerie business. But that’s not what keeps a subscriber interested.

It’s the lifestyle your brand offers that retains their interest. In fact, Marketing Land reported that lifestyle email content will be a must in 2018. And, by lifestyle content, I mean the non-promotional content that connects your lingerie store with your audience. This is the content that makes your brand relatable and holds additional value for your audience.

Lifestyle content serves the greater interests and needs of your customers. Unlike an email that simply states you’re having a store-wide promotion. The promotion is valuable, yes, but it doesn’t connect the two of you on a more personal level.

Here are seven non-promotional email content ideas for lingerie store owners:


1.  Lingerie styling ideas

Show your email subscribers how to style their lingerie. Perhaps you show how to pair intimates together, incorporate lingerie as part of an outfit or how to discreetly wear lingerie under your clothes. Your lingerie store’s audience will love the fashionable ideas.  


2.  How-to’s

Your lingerie business promotes a certain lifestyle. What are some things you could teach your audience that align with that lifestyle? Perhaps you explain how to organize the perfect ladies’ night out, how to find the right bra, etc. Continue to introduce your audience to your brand lifestyle by teaching them how to elevate their lifestyle.


3.  Empowerment tips

An empowered woman is a confident woman, and a confident woman buys herself lingerie. Lingerie store owners can create empowering email marketing content to inspire confidence in their audience.  


4.  Romance tips

Your lingerie business exists to empower women, but your products also inspire romanticism. Share romance tips with your audience, such as ways to nurture your relationship or ideas for date nights at home.  


5.  Industry insights

You have a lot of lingerie industry insight that holds value for your audience. How often should you get a bra fitting? How do you know when you need to replace your bras? Why don’t you wear the same size bra in every brand? How will you know when a bra truly fits? Share your insight with your email marketing subscribers. An educated consumer is the best consumer.


6.  Seasonal ideas 

Seasonal ideas are helpful for filling your email marketing content calendar. It’s also a way to create timely content for your audience. Make a list of all the holidays and seasons – summer, fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding season, etc. – then create content ideas for each. For example, a Valentine’s Day gift guide or must-have lingerie for summer vacation. Having this list on-hand could also be helpful in knowing when certain promotions may perform best.


7.  What’s trending

As part of the fashion industry, lingerie trends are always evolving. Show your email subscribers what’s trending in the lingerie industry. This positions you as a thought leader and lets your audience know you’ll keep them in-the-know.



Email marketing can be very effective for gaining loyal customers, but it takes thoughtful planning. It’s essential that there’s a strategy behind your lingerie business’s email content. Lifestyle content is virtually irrelevant if there’s not clear path of action for the email subscriber. So, ensure you have a purpose for each email: Do you want the subscriber to go to your lingerie store’s blog? Do you want her to check out a specific product? Lifestyle email marketing content serves the needs of your customers, but it should still subtly serve your business needs as well.

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