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7 Reasons Not to Depend Solely On Social Media For Business

In 2018, having social media accounts for your lingerie brand is a given.

It’s simply what customers expect. However, that doesn’t mean that other types of marketing are outdated and unnecessary. Having a lot of social followers is better than having none, but that alone doesn’t necessarily make for a successful business.

Here are 7 reasons why your lingerie brand’s marketing strategy shouldn’t just be about chasing those Instagram likes:


1.  There Are Better Ways to Drive Traffic         

Social media is rarely any business’ top driver of traffic. It’s organic traffic – people coming to your site via search engines – that normally outstrips everything else by a large margin. When you can’t even add a link under your Instagram image, how many people do you really think are heading straight to your site after looking at it?

Or think about it this way: your content on social media is (mostly) just being shared with your fans, but your content on Google is being shared with the world! Or at least, whoever searches the internet for what you’re offering.

Social media may be the sexy lace basque to SEO’s plain t-shirt bra, but everyone needs a good basic in their wardrobe right? SEO can seem boring, but it’s arguably more important than social media when it comes to generating online footfall.


2.  There Are Better Ways to Drive Sales, Too

Social media is a great tool for brand awareness, but when someone is ready to go make a purchase, it’s not going to be Facebook they turn to. Customers that visit your site from a search engine or a marketing email are far more likely to have arrived there because they’re in the mood of buying something there and then.


3.  Lingerie and the Taboo Factor

Lingerie shouldn’t be something we feel uncomfortable talking about, but sadly that’s often still the case in a society that treats lingerie more like a sex product than a fashion one. A customer may love your new bra design but feel awkward hitting that like button, knowing their action will be broadcast to their friends and family.

Of course, there will be plenty of people happy to engage with a lingerie brand online. But remember to give your more hesitant and reserved customers a way to interact with you too.


4.  Social Networks Aren’t Always Lingerie-Friendly

That taboo factor I just mentioned extends to more than just consumer mindset. Social networks themselves are notorious for content and advertising policies that aren’t particularly accommodating to lingerie brands.

Selling something sheer? If you share a picture of it on a model, sites like Facebook and Instagram may take it down. Even innocuous images often get caught in their over-zealous nets – I’ve seen numerous lingerie brands sharing their frustration over the most innocent of lingerie images being flagged as sexually-inappropriate content on social media!

You don’t want to run the risk of having your only advert for a big sale or new launch disapproved at the last minute, so remember to have a promotion plan in place that involves more than just social media.


5.  Social Content Has a Short Lifespan

There are exceptions – a campaign image that goes viral on Pinterest for example – but generally speaking, your social media content is only getting eyeballed for a very short period.

Doing social media well is very labour-intensive. You constantly need to be coming up with fresh new things to post to keep your audience engaged. Content that ranks highly in search engines on the other hand can remain there for months or even years!


6.  Your Audience Can Plummet Overnight

When you build up a fan base on Facebook or Twitter or any other social platform, you don’t really own that. The social network does, and they get to decide how many of your followers your content is shown to. When they decide to tweak their algorithm and your content is suddenly being seen by only a third of the people it was before, it could spell disaster for your business if you don’t have any another way to reach your customers.


7.  Social Media Can Be Expensive

Following on from the above, organic (free) reach for businesses on sites like Facebook has declined considerably in recent years. You could have 5,000 followers and yet post something that only gets seen by 200 people. In fact, Facebook has begun particularly restricting the audience numbers who see posts about sales and offers.

Social media networks are businesses and just like you, they want to make a profit. By limiting your organic visibility, they’re encouraging you to pay to ‘boost’ your posts. If you want to make sure your entire fan base knows about your latest collection or special deal, it’s going to cost you. Investing in your SEO or email newsletter is rarely such a strain on your marketing budget.


Make Social Media Part of a Marketing Mix

Social media can do great things for your lingerie business. However, as with all things, it’s never a good strategy to put all of your eggs in one basket. Make sure you’re also focussing on creating great content for a platform you own (your website) and building up an audience that, again, you own (your email list).

Plus, you’ll make your lingerie brand far more memorable to a customer when they see you in their Facebook feed, their inbox and their Google searches!



How important is social media for your lingerie business? Do you view it as more or less important than your SEO strategy and your email list?

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