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7 Traits Lingerie Store Owners Need To Be Successful

So, you think you have what it takes to be a lingerie store owner?

Well, if you want to be a success, there are some traits that you really ought to have.

Here are seven of the characteristics that will help you succeed in the lingerie industry: 


1.  An interest in lingerie

Of course, it should go without saying that lingerie store owners should have a real passion for fashion. When entering this competitive world, it’s crucial that you know your products and what women want. Understanding the value of quality lingerie and how it can make the women who buy it feel is the first step. You don’t have to have studied a degree in fashion or design! Simply taking the time to take an interest in this area and keep up with the modern-day trends could be enough.


2.  Confidence

Are you confident in your abilities as a leader? If you’re not, how on earth do you expect anyone out there to follow you? When running a lingerie store, it’s your job to inspire your staff members to be the very best that they can. That task takes a sheer amount of confidence and self-esteem. When you show faith in the business and your staff, they will up their game and rise to every challenge you set.

Not feeling super confident? Well, you may wish to try faking it until you make it. Research from Ohio State University has shown that changing your body posture could help you to become more confident naturally. Yes, sitting up straight and holding your head high could be just what it takes to boost your business management style.


3.  Resilience to failure

Starting a business means taking a leap of faith. The sorry truth of the matter is that not all businesses are an overnight success. Sometimes, it takes a few failures before you can really get things off the ground. While retail is one of the safer bets when it comes to the world of business, you still have to be prepared for the worst possible event. That way, you will know just how to handle it, should you have a dip in your success. Being resilient to failures and whatever comes your way is a smart, savvy move.  


4.  High adaptability

Can you change your plans at a moment’s notice? Research actually shows that how intelligent you are will have a direct impact on your ability to adapt to new situations. In truth, the smarter you are, the easier you should find it to change your plans and goals according to what happens. If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to adapt to new situations, that spells out rather bad news for your business. The reason is simple; the world of fashion and retail is a forever-changing beast. As it moves and transforms, your store needs to do the same if it is to survive.


5.  Curiosity

Stay curious. That’s quite possibly one of the best pieces of advice you will ever get as a small business owner. A 2016 study recently found a link between childhood curiosity and adult intelligence. If you can hold onto that level of wonder when approaching new things, it should help you be seriously innovative as a business person. Your customers want, no lust after, new products and new takes on the things that they know and love. If you can offer them that at every turn, your store is sure to be a serious hit!


6.  Great social skills

Networking is essential to the success of your business. No lingerie store is an island. One of the biggest tasks you will have to overcome when you first start out is learning how to network and make important connections. At first, this may feel rather daunting, especially if it’s something that you’ve never had to do before now. However, if you happen to have naturally great social skills, you should find that you take to it with a level of ease. Let’s face it – some people are just inherently good at making friends and relationships. If that sounds like you, you’re sure to find this super simple.


7.  Creativity

Do you know how you’re going to market and sell your lingerie store? When you first set up your business, this is likely to be one of the most major challenges that you come up against. Unsurprisingly, this is a game of creativity. If you have a creative mind and can come up with innovative ideas and ways in which to communicate, marketing should be your forte. From making inspiring online media campaigns to creating amazing in-store displays, many of your day to day tasks will require you to use a little flair.



Of course, there’s no set of strict rules when it comes to who should be a lingerie store owner and who should not. If you have a love for this sector and want to make things work, you will doubtless find a way that suits your character. When you do so, you should find that it’s one of the most rewarding careers in the world.

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