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8 Instagram Tricks You've Always Wondered How to Do

The time is gone that you can attract and retain your Instagram audience by simply posting gorgeous pictures on your feed.

One of the best strategies to engage your lingerie store’s Instagram audience today is to use a variety of tools and tricks within the app. And as Instagram continues to grow, so do its features.

Have you seen other Instagram users use clever tricks on Instagram and thought, “How did they do that?” Well then, you’re in the right place!

Here are eight Instagram tricks all lingerie store owners should know:


1.  Link to an Instagram post in your story

Lingerie store owners can now link to an Instagram post within a story. When you link to a post in your story, users can click the photo to be directed to the live post. This is a good way to get that new post in front of more people and promote more engagement.

To link to an Instagram post in your story, go to the post and “click” the arrow/paper airplane icon. Click the first option that appears in the prompt, which says “create a story with this post.” You’ll then be directed to your story where you can type a caption and resize the posted photo.


2.  Make your Instagram story background a solid color

Ever wondered how people make a story with a solid background color? No, they don’t take a photo of a solid background.

To create a solid background in your lingerie business’s Instagram story, take a photo of anything. Then, click the pen icon in the top right corner. Select your color choice from the color toggle at the bottom of the screen. Then, hold down the screen with one finger. The screen will become the color you selected. Just press the check mark to save your background.


3.  Repost another user’s Instagram post

Many lingerie businesses encourage user generated content and repost those photos on their own accounts. To repost, you’ll need to download the app Repost. You’ll click the three little dots in the photo you want to repost, and click “copy link.” When you open the Repost app, the photo will automatically generate, and you’ll be prompted through steps to post the photo.


4.  Include links in stories

Only Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers can include links in Instagram stories. However, if your lingerie store created an IGTV channel, you can link to your IGTV videos within your stories. Just click the link icon in the top right corner to create a link.


5.  Post multiple photos at once

Want to create an Instagram post with multiple photos that users can swipe through? Easy! Select the photo you want to post, and before clicking “next” (which would take you the filters), click the icon with two squares. You can then select multiple photos to post and apply filters in the next step.


6.  See your friends’ activity

To see your friends’ activity, click on the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. This shows you your notifications, but if you click “following” at the top of that screen, you’ll see your friends’ activity.


7.  Play gifs and music on your story

Including gifs (moving graphics) and music on your story is easy. After taking the photo for your story, click the square smiley face icon in the top right corner. You can click on the music icon to add a song to your story. You can also click the gif icon to search Instagram’s library of gifs.


8.  Show the weather and location on your story.

To show the weather and/or location in your Instagram story, your location must be turned-on on your device. Then, click on that square smiley face icon and select “location.”

Using various tools on Instagram helps make your content more engaging. What are some of your favorite tips and tricks? Tell us below! 

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