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9 Places To Find Fresh Content Ideas For Your Lingerie Blog

Blogging is an important asset to your lingerie business but according to Contently, 41 percent of business blogs struggle to come up with ideas.

Whether you’ve had a blog for your lingerie business for years, or you just need some ideas to get it started, check out these places to come up with fresh, engaging content.


1.  HubSpot’s blog topic generator

This tool helps you come up with ideas for blog posts.  All you must do is insert three industry-related keywords and click “Give me blog topics.” It’s very easy and free to use and will offer you a nice list of topics to help your creative juices flow. Seasonal words and phrases as they relate to lingerie stores are good ones to try in the topic generator. Try “spring fashion trends” or “romantic holiday gifts.”


2.  Twitter’s trending topics

Twitter is the world’s most rapid stream of content, so you should use it to help identify trending topics that even the news outlets don’t know about yet. People head to Twitter to share everything from breaking news to new show spoilers. If you can find a way to relate your lingerie items to an international fashion week, or a celebrity, you can then share that link on Twitter and join the conversation on it. Make sure you add hashtags appropriately by using the number sign (#) and then typing a word after it like “lingerie” or “fashion” or even “trending.”


3.  Google trends

Google Insights for Search can help you develop ideas for your lingerie business blogging strategy. Visit the website and you can see the concepts and ideas that are gaining the most attention around the world, and narrow it to your industry with some key terms. It’s smart to avoid writing about negative trends – this could reflect poorly on your brand. Pick uplifting or fun trends that will increase the chances your audience will have a positive interaction with your brand.


4.  Quora

Quora is a large question-and-answer site where users post their queries, and others answer. The answers are then rated for helpfulness and expertise, with the best answers rising to the top. Look up questions that people are asking in the lingerie, small business or fashion industries that you can answer in a well-written blog posts. Chances are if people are asking the questions on Quora, then they are asking them in search engines like Google – which will help your blog post rise to the top.


5.  Popular media

Go ahead and integrate memes, trending TV shows and movies, or even celebrities into your content. The people and shows are already popular, so you’re at an advantage. Use what is happening and run with it and you’ll create blog posts your readers love.


6.  Competitors’ content

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors and what content they are creating that is causing a buzz. While you never want to copy content directly, you can take inspiration from the vibe and topics. This also allows you to see the topics the competition is failing to discuss so you can write about it before they do.


7.  Customer FAQs

When you converse with clients in person or through online means, think about the most common questions that you find yourself answering time and again. Topics surrounding these questions are some of the best post ideas. Once you’ve written the content, you can direct your customers to the blog posts when the questions arise again.


8.  Industry publications

Most content is online too but browse through magazine or trade publications in your industry that come in print – or at least their online versions. You should also flip through your local newspaper to see what types of stories are being written about your area. A print story may give you the next big idea for your lingerie store blog.


9.  Your own popular blog content

Look at the content you’ve already published that has generated a lot of traffic or engagement on social media. Update the posts, then reshare, or create spinoff posts that are similar or cover the same topics. You can link between these posts and try to get more traffic for all of them combined.



Thinking of fresh blog topics is often a challenge for small and large businesses but by leveraging the right places to find new blog topics, you won’t ever run out of content to share with your customers. 

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