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An Abandoned Cart Email Sequence All Lingerie Stores Can Use

Abandoned shopping carts equate to thousands of lost dollars for lingerie store owners.

Nearly 70 percent of shopping carts are abandoned every year. Wondering how your lingerie business can recoup just a portion of those sales? An email sequence notifying the user of her products left behind and encouraging her to complete the purchase can reduce cart abandonment

Emails about abandoned carts have a 44 percent open rate and an 11 percent click-through rate. So, it’s worth your lingerie business’s time to implement an abandoned cart email sequence.

We’ve drafted an email sequence all lingerie stores can use to remind users of abandoned carts. You can use this email sequence as-is, or you can customize it a bit for even better results. (We’ll share how to customize the email sequence later in this article.) 

Here’s a sample email sequence for abandoned carts:


Email #1

The purpose of the first email in your abandoned cart email sequence is to notify and create urgency. Crafting a strategic subject line can help with that messaging.

Here’s an example of the initial email:


Subject: [NAME], complete your order before we’re out of stock.

Hey there, [NAME]!

I noticed you had something in your shopping cart. I wanted to pop in to remind you to complete the order before we’re out of stock. We get hundreds of orders every day, and I’d hate for you to miss out on getting the item you wanted.

Click here to complete your purchase now!




Email #2

The second email in your sequence should emphasize the urgency from the first email.

Here’s an example of what that email could look like:


Subject: Time’s running out to snag your items, [NAME].

Hi, [NAME] –

It’s me again! I see you haven’t completed your purchase yet, and I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t remind you to do so!

Items that are left in shopping carts still count as inventory. So, it’s very possible we may run out of stock in the items you want. Snag your items before they’re gone!

Claim your order now!




Email #3

The chances of the user completing the purchase decrease with every opportunity she passes up. So, the third email in your sequence should take a different approach to closing the sale. Provide the user with social proof of the quality of your products. A testimonial is a great way to provide social proof and establish authority.

Here’s an example:


Subject: Our customers think we’re special – we agree!

Hi, [NAME] –

[LINGERIE BUSINESS NAME] was founded to serve women just like you. We believe that [INSERT SHORT DESCRIPTION HERE.]

But don’t take it from me! Here’s what a customer said about shopping at [LINGERIE STORE NAME]:


We’d love to hear your feedback after shopping and receiving your products, too!





It’s essential to consider the timing of your abandoned cart emails. Emails sent within 20 minutes of cart abandonment had a 5.2 percent average conversion rate. However, that conversion rate dropped to 2.6 percent when emails were sent 24 hours later.

Lingerie store owners can customize the email sequence to achieve a higher conversion rate. One way of customizing the email is to include photos of the abandoned items. This makes it easy for the user to remember what she left in the cart. You’ll also want to have a clear call-to-action (CTA) in every email. Use a CTA button to accommodate your text CTA in each email.

An abandoned cart email sequence won’t recoup every lost e-commerce sale for lingerie store owners. But, it will recoup some, and reclaiming even a small percent can be a substantial amount.

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