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An Interview With Lee Padgett Of Lingerie Store Busted In Detroit

Welcome to our Interview series, where we chat with inspiring and innovative female entrepreneurs who are empowering women and positively impacting their local communities. This week, we chatted with Lee Padgett, owner of popular lingerie store Busted In Detroit in Detroit, Michigan.


Lee Padgett Busted In Detroit

Lee Padgett of Busted In Detroit


On Social Media 


Parfait Team: What are your tips for connecting with your customers?

Lee Padgett: Post pictures that tell stories. Make sure you answer every question. Allow for private messages. Always say thank you!


PT: How do you reach out to potential customers in your local community? 

LP: I go to networking events, do pop-ups, help with non-profits, I am part of Rotary, we host fashion shows, and we try to partner with other women centric businesses in Detroit.  We sponsor groups like The Detroit Derby Girls too!


PT:  What works best for you for engaging with your customers? 

LP: I love using Facebook!  The messaging is great!



On The Lingerie Industry 


PT: We're proud supporters of body positivity. What are your thoughts on the movement toward a less inclusive industry in regards to clothing size? 

LP: Being body positive seems like the only way to go for me. I don’t separate sizes in my store. There are no size sections.  People come in all sizes, and we are all beautiful!


PT: Do you believe we will one day see women of all shapes and sizes in fashion magazines, movies, and throughout the media? 

LP: Yep, I do.


PT: Where do you see the lingerie industry in 10 years? 

LP: I see it lacy!  Really, lace is amazing, but the lingerie industry is ever changing!  In 10 years, I am going to want more wire-free sexy fun! Our customers who wear wire-free bras get really excited when I show them something new in color.  I hope to have more options for them.



On The Challenges Business Owners Face


PT: What challenges have you faced as a business owner? 

LP: I want to do it all, but I need more time to get it all done.


PT: What are your tips for overcoming challenges? 

LP: Hiring great people, who are passionate about your business, and who really understand customer service.


PT: What is most rewarding for you as a business owner? 

LP: The ability to provide my employees with a rewarding, fun, flexible place to work. They seem to enjoy making our customers happy!



On Success and The Importance of Role Models


PT: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their business? 

LP: Ask lots of questions!  Find something that you find interesting, so that you don’t get bored.  And finally, hire people so that you can have a little time for yourself.


PT: Who are your role models and why? 

LP: My role models are my friends and family. I learn from their past and their everyday. I can see what they do and I can ask them anything.  There is one lady named Sabrina Nelson. She is a local artist and she models for Busted.  She has strength in who she is. Look her up, she has a Ted talk.


PT: What does success mean to you? 

LP: Having happy employees, and customers.


PT: What your keys to success? 

LP: Open dialog, and laughter. 



On The Best Advice She Has Ever Received


PT: What's the best advice you've ever received? 

LP: I was told to find what I liked and to master it.  To really explore and let it become a fun part of life.  Don’t settle into something because it is something that seems safe.



Lee Padgett is the owner of Busted In Detroit, a lingerie store located in Detroit, Michigan. 


Busted In Detroit

Store Address: 15 East Kirby Street Suite A, Detroit, MI 48202

Phone Number: 313-288-0449

Website: Busted In Detroit


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Check out our conversation with Lee about Busted In Detroit here.

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