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Ask A Marketing Expert: Does My Lingerie Business Actually Need Buyer Personas?

Searching for the answers to your marketing questions? We've got you covered. Welcome to this week's installment of Ask A Marketing Expert. In this column, Parfait's Head of Marketing, Kris Cardona, discusses the benefits of buyer personas and answers the oft-asked question: "Does my lingerie business actually need buyer personas?"

Kris: I often hear the phrase "Buyer Personas sound like marketing jargon" from my non-marketing colleagues. I’ve also heard and seen on blogs how buyer personas are an "outdated marketing technique". I understand where some of these come from, but at the end of the day you can't create an amazing experience or product for someone you don’t know. This is one of the many reasons why lingerie store owners need buyer personas.

What is a buyer persona?

Imagine if you were in a relationship and you did not know much about the person you were with. How do you think that relationship would pan out? If you think finding out the dislikes, likes, and boundaries of your partner is unnecessary, then you fall into the spectrum of those who feel they don’t need or believe buyer personas will help their business.
Here's another example: When you walk into a store and everything is everywhere (without any clear sense of organization), do you continue shopping here? Or do you head to a store that anticipates your needs and makes it easy to shop? With so many stores to choose from, wouldn't you almost expect your shopping experience to be fun and pleasant? 
Your customers want this too, but it's difficult to understand what they need without first identifying who they are and what they want. This is where clearly defined buyer personas come into play. They allow your business to understand and empathize with your target customers.
By mapping out their shopping experience at your store, buyer personas can help you anticipate your customers' needs and deliver the products and experiences that keep them coming back for more.


Is it possible to have more than one buyer persona?

Regardless of the size of your store, you may have multiple buyer personas depending on your business or the products you offer. In our lingerie partners' case, some of them will have customers that are walk-in’s and have never been fitted before in addition to regular customers that visit every 6 months to make sure they are still wearing the right bra size. 
Buyer personas are not designed to please every type of customer. You may encounter a walk-in customer looking for tights and socks. If your store doesn't carry hosiery, then that customer isn't among your target audience and wouldn't be the right fit for a buyer persona.
Instead of trying to please everyone that walks through your doors, buyer personas can help you develop a deep understanding of your target customers. This deep understanding can then help you play to the strengths of your store and educate and communicate with your customers in a way they understand and feel comfortable with so you can create experiences that are truly remarkable for all of them.

The #1 reason lingerie businesses need buyer personas:

By and large, the ultimate goal of a buyer persona is to help you identify what will lead your customers down your buyer cycle and convert them into loyal, raving customers who regularly bring you new, raving customers. 


Ready to dive deeper into this topic? 

Check out the helpful resources below for tips, tricks, and advice on how to make powerful buyer personas that help you better understand your lingerie business's target market and customer base. 


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