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How To Determine The Best Times To Post On Social Media

Knowing when to post on social media is key for your lingerie business to maximize the value of its content.

The time of day that a post is published will greatly affect the number of people that see it. And the more people that see your post, the greater chances you have of increasing your following and gaining new customers.

Often, a customer must be touched by your brand several times before buying into what you’re offering. So, it’s essential that your lingerie business strategically touches as many people as possible with its social media posts.

Let’s go through the steps of determining the best times to post on social media.


Review published posts on each social media channel.

The first step in finding the best times to post on social media is to review published posts on each channel. Go through each channel individually to review the analytics of previously published posts. To review this information, go into the social media analytics built into each platform.

On Instagram, you can click on any photo to see its analytics, as long as you’re using a business account. You can also click on the bar graph in the left corner of your Instagram profile to sort posts by the most engagements, impressions, etc. For Facebook, you’ll want to click on the “Insights” button within your lingerie business’ page. And on Twitter, you’ll want to click on your profile photo on the home screen, then select “Twitter Analytics.”


Determine the most successful posts.

Your next step is to determine which posts were most successful on each social media channel. Measure a post’s success by its reach or number of impressions received. Do not judge success simply on a post’s “likes” alone. A high number of likes means that your audience connected with the content. However, pinpointing your good content is not what this exercise about. Instead, you want to know what days and times you posted content that became successful.

Most likely, you’ll see some mediocre analytics and some pretty low analytics. But, there should be certain posts jumping at you because their analytics are considerably higher than other posts. Let’s say that your Facebook posts typically reach 35 people (per your analytics), but one post reached 100 people. Several likes or shares could inflate a post’s reach. However, if it seems there’s no particular reason for the high reach, the success could be due to the time it was published.


Make note of the times and days of successful posts.

Now that you’ve pinpointed successful posts, jot down the days and times they were published. For instance, Monday at 3 p.m. or Thursday at 7:55 a.m. Try to find at least one optimal time for each day. You may be surprised that there are multiple optimal times on the same weekday.

You’ll have a list of times for when to post to social media once you’re finished. You should have a section for each platform, followed by various times and days when previous content performed well.


Publish new content according to your research and analyze results.

Now it’s to see how your research holds up. For the next month, only post to each platform at times you have designated as “successful.” If you show that 10 a.m., 3:45 p.m. and 5:40 p.m. are great for Thursday posts, play around with those times each week. If you couldn’t find an optimal time for a particular day of the week, try using a top performing time from a different day.

Analyze the success of your posts again after a month of implementing this strategy. Did your posts receive higher engagements, reach or impressions this month? Did an optimal time from one day work even better on a different day? Use these new findings in your social media planning for the next month. You can also start introducing new publishing times that you think may be successful, then analyze that success the following month.



A well-crafted social media post could be a waste if not posted at the appropriate time. But, finding these times takes trial and error within your social media planning. If you use an automation tool for social media publishing, you’ll notice many suggest publishing times. I’ve had success posting at these times. However, I’ve also found that the times when content performs the best can vary from those suggested times. My suggestion is to always do your own assessment of the best times to post to social media so you have research to rely on.

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