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Blogging 101: How To Launch and Maintain A Small Business Blog

A blog for your lingerie store can boost business – and improve your page rank on search engines like Google.

According to Hubspot, companies who blog receive 97 percent more links back to their website.

This means that other sites are referencing your blog and potentially driving more traffic to your site and store.

There are other benefits too, like humanizing your brand, making it easier for people to contact you, making new product or company announcements, and more.

Writing a blog that is relatable, not robotic, can boost your bottom line by making your lingerie store likable, and memorable to consumers. 

If you’re ready to launch your small business blog, look at these four tips to get started on the path to success.


1.  Select a blogging platform.

Decide if your blog will simply point people to your brick-and-mortar shop, or if you’ll have ordering options online.

If you need to set up an online shopping cart option, blogging platforms like WordPress and Wix are good options.

If you just need a place to post content, Weebly, Blogger and Drupal are good places to go.

Make sure you’re aware of your long-term goals for your business blog before you make your final decision because migrating your blog to a new platform later on is tedious. 


2.  Highlight contact details.

First, make sure your lingerie store contact details are easy to find.

Your blog should list your physical address, phone number, email address and link to any other sites your business owns (like Facebook/Instagram accounts or retail websites).

Remember that the whole point of a blog is to increase your bottom line; make sure potential customers can reach you easily.


3.  Create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is something you can create in a spreadsheet, in a word processing document, or just in a handwritten journal.

It can help you decide how often you want to blog and what types of content you want to post. 

An editorial calendar should list:

  • Upcoming dates when blog posts will publish
  • Upcoming topics and on what dates they will publish
  • Accompanying items, like photos or video, for the posts
  • The author of each post
  • Upcoming seasonal topics, like holiday season shopping or spring break, that can play into your blogging content
  • Any other specifics for blog posts, like if they will include links to previous posts, your social accounts, or other websites

If you are sharing the blogging with employees or outsourcing the content to a freelance writer, make sure the editorial calendar is shareable.

Using a free service like Google Sheets is a great way to share an editorial calendar that will update each time an authorized person makes a change.


4.  Post regularly.

At the very least, you should add new content to your blog once per week.

This keeps your readers engaged, and signals to search engines like Google and Yahoo that your blog is an active one – which will bump you up in search engine results pages and give an advantage over competitors.  

Pro tip: If you post visuals, like a video link, make sure you type 300 to 500 words of text to go along with it to make that post searchable by search engines



Launching and maintaining a small business blog doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Remember that a blog can be a highly effective and low-priced marketing tool for differentiating your business from the competition and encouraging customer loyalty.

Make sure you take the time to plan ahead so that your blog is consistent and professional.

Once you have a system in place, you’ll find that blogging is a strong communication tool for interacting with your current and future customers. 

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