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Can Pinterest Drive Sales To Your Online Lingerie Store?

More businesses are turning to Pinterest for marketing. Pinterest users are primarily women ages 25-54, and more than 200 million people use Pinterest each month.

You’re right if you’re thinking that Pinterest is a good spot to target your lingerie business’s audience. Pinterest can be an effective tool to drive traffic and sales to your online lingerie store.

However, to efficiently use Pinterest for marketing, you must understand how it works and which practices yield success.


How Pinterest Works From A Marketing Standpoint


Pinterest As A Search Tool

Pinterest users use the platform as a search tool. (Similar to Google searching.) A user might search “bridal lingerie” on Pinterest, which would populate relevant, bridal lingerie Pins. Thus, keywords are useful and necessary to get your content found on Pinterest. (Just like you use keywords for SEO.) Let’s say one of your lingerie business’s Pins is for Valentine’s Day lingerie. To help it get to the top of the search results, you would keyword optimize the Pin (as well as the board it lives in), and link it to the Valentine’s collection on your online store.


The Benefits Of Re-Pins

As people re-pin your Pins, the Pins are exposed to that user’s followers. Of course, it helps if your Pinterest account has a decent follower base of its own. This means that your Pins populate in your followers’ feeds. Having several followers means there are more people to initially see your Pins, creating more opportunity for re-pins. 


The Perks Of A Business Account

Pinterest will let you switch to a business account for free. The business account gives you access to valuable marketing insights. You can see how many people your Pins reach, the number of clicks on a Pin or which Pins are re-pinned the most. This is helpful because you can gauge what content is resonating with your audience. You also have the option to pay to promote Pins via your business account. And, one out of two people make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin, according to Pinterest. 

Using keywords in Pins and analyzing your Pinterest analytics are good practices. However, a lingerie store owner must go a step further on Pinterest to drive traffic to her online lingerie store.  


How To Be Successful On Pinterest


Focus on The Images

Like all social media platforms, Pinterest success requires consistency and time. For starters, you need beautiful, attractive Pins. And lots of them. You have a lot of Pin competition on Pinterest, so your Pins must visually stand out to users. The size of Pins is 283x283 pixels. However, to grab your audience’s attention, it’s best to create longer Pins. For example, 283x400 px. This size Pin takes up more space on a user’s screen and allows for more content within the Pin.


Pin Often

The more Pins you have, the more opportunities your lingerie business has for exposure. You can use Pin scheduling tools, like Tailwind, to automatically pin your Pins. Again, it’s a great idea to test out Pin styles to see what gets the most clicks, website visits, re-pins, etc. This way you’re only pinning effective Pins that get results.


Organize Your Boards

We mentioned above that it’s a good practice to build your follower base on Pinterest. To do this, your Pinterest page must be organized and user oriented. You need lots of boards that serve the needs of your audience. For example, you may have holiday lingerie, wedding boudoir shoots, body positivity, etc. Your page should be organized, appealing and on-brand to intrigue users. Then, she can quickly decide if she wants to follow you.



Pinterest can be monumental in driving traffic to your online lingerie store. But that reward comes after hard work. Lingerie store owners seeking to use Pinterest for marketing should ensure they have the time and resources to devote to Pinterest to be successful.

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